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    1 ---
    2 deprecations:
    3   - |
    4     Configuration option ``[inspector]/service_url`` is deprecated
    5     and will be ignored in the Rocky release.
    6     Instead, use ``[inspector]/endpoint_override`` configuration option to set
    7     the specific ironic-inspector API endpoint when its automatic discovery
    8     from the keystone catalog is not desired.
    9     This new option has no default value (``None``) and must be set explicitly.
   11   - |
   12     Relying on the value of ``[DEFAULT]/auth_strategy`` configuration option to
   13     configure usage of standalone mode for ironic-inspector is deprecated and
   14     will be impossible the Rocky release.
   15     Instead, set ``[inspector]/auth_type`` configuration option to ``none`` and
   16     provide the ironic-inspector inspector API address as
   17     ``[inspector]/endpoint_override`` configuration option.