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    1 WHO <#channel|user>
    3 The WHO command displays information about a user,
    4 such as their GECOS information, their user@host,
    5 whether they are an IRC operator or not, etc.
    6 A sample WHO result from a command issued like
    7 "WHO pokey" may look something like this:
    9 #lamers pokey H pokey@ppp.newbies.net :0 Jim Jones
   11 The first field indicates the last channel the user
   12 has joined. The second is the user's nickname.
   13 The third field describes the status information about
   14 the user. The possible combinations for this field
   15 are listed below:
   17 H - The user is not away.
   18 G - The user is set away.
   19 r - The user is using a registered nickname.
   20 * - The user is an IRC operator.
   21 @ - The user is a channel op in the channel listed in the first field.
   22 + - The user is voiced in the channel listed.
   23 % - The user is a half-op in the channel listed.
   25 The next field contains the username@host of the user.
   26 The final field displays the number of server hops and
   27 the user's GECOS information.
   29 This command may be executed on a channel, such as
   30 "WHO #lamers"  The output will consist of WHO
   31 listings for each user on the channel.
   33 This command may also be used in conjunction with wildcards
   34 such as * and ?.
   36 See also: whois, userhost