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Like MARK, i.e. set the fwmark, but the mark is calculated from hashing packet selector at choice. You have also to specify the mark range and, optionally, the offset to start from. ICMP error messages are inspected and used to calculate the hashing.

Existing options are:

Possible tuple members are: src meaning source address (IPv4, IPv6 address), dst meaning destination address (IPv4, IPv6 address), sport meaning source port (TCP, UDP, UDPlite, SCTP, DCCP), dport meaning destination port (TCP, UDP, UDPlite, SCTP, DCCP), spi meaning Security Parameter Index (AH, ESP), and ct meaning the usage of the conntrack tuple instead of the packet selectors.

−−hmark−mod value (must be > 0)

Modulus for hash calculation (to limit the range of possible marks)

−−hmark−offset value

Offset to start marks from.

For advanced usage, instead of using −−hmark−tuple, you can specify

prefixes and masks:

−−hmark−src−prefix cidr

The source address mask in CIDR notation.

−−hmark−dst−prefix cidr

The destination address mask in CIDR notation.

−−hmark−sport−mask value

A 16 bit source port mask in hexadecimal.

−−hmark−dport−mask value

A 16 bit destination port mask in hexadecimal.

−−hmark−spi−mask value

A 32 bit field with spi mask.

−−hmark−proto−mask value

An 8 bit field with layer 4 protocol number.

−−hmark−rnd value

A 32 bit random custom value to feed hash calculation.


iptables −t mangle −A PREROUTING −m conntrack −−ctstate NEW
−j HMARK −−hmark-tuple ct,src,dst,proto −−hmark-offset 10000 −−hmark−mod 10 −−hmark−rnd 0xfeedcafe

iptables −t mangle −A PREROUTING -j HMARK −−hmark−offset 10000 −−hmark-tuple src,dst,proto −−hmark-mod 10 −−hmark−rnd 0xdeafbeef