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    1 make.sh - Build and maintain programs and libraries for IPFire source code
    3 Standard commands:
    4   downloadsrc		Preload all necessary files in cache before compilation
    5   gettoolchain		Optionally load a precompilated toolchain (20% less build time)
    6   build			Compile distribution
    7   clean			Erase build and log directories to recompile all from scratch
    9 Maintainer and advanced commands:
   10   check-manualpages	Check the manual pages for broken links
   11   docker		Build a docker image
   12   find-dependencies	Confirm needed libraries are included in build
   13   lang			Check translations for missing or obsolete strings
   14   shell			Enter a shell inside the chroot. Used to tune lfs script
   15   			  and/or during kernel upgrade to rebuild new .config file
   16   toolchain		Create toolchain package (if not downloaded via `make gettoolchain`)
   17   update-contributors	Update list of contributors
   18   uploadsrc		For core developers only to upload source code
   20 OPTIONS:
   21     --target=[aarch64|riscv64|x86_64]
   22 			Cross-compile for this target architecture.  Uses the QEMU 
   23 			  emulator if needed to virtualise the desired target 
   24 			  architecture.  Can be permanently set with 
   25 			  TARGET_ARCH= in .config file.