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How can I help?

You can help in numerous ways. This document should give you an overview of what is possible and how you can get involved. It will not give you all information you need to successfully contribute to avoid content duplication between this document and our wiki. Instead, it should guide you to the right places to look for further information.


All information is available in the development section of our wiki. The following is a very short overview of the most important topics.


We use the mailing list <development@lists.ipfire.org> for our communication. For the list archive and registration, see here.

Source Code

We use our own infrastructure for code hosting, accessible at git.ipfire.org. The GitHub repositories are only mirrors of git.ipfire.org, available as a courtesy to the internet community.

How to build the distribution?

In order to contribute, you certainly need to build the distribution at some point. See here for a long guide how to do that.

Reporting bugs

We have a bug tracker located here. Further information can be found in our wiki. We do not use GitHub for tracking bugs.

Contribute changes to the source code

Unfortunately, we do not accept GitHub pull requests. Instead, we are working with patches which are sent to our mailing list <development@lists.ipfire.org>. This process might be a bit tricky in the beginning. That's why you can find more information how to do this here.