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PageSpeed Documentation

PageSpeed improves web page latency by changing the resources on that web page to implement web performance best practices


Installing From Packages

Installing From Source: Apache

Installing From Source: Nginx

Module Configuration

Admin Pages

Configuring Filters

Optimizing for Bandwidth

Mapping Domains

URL Control

HTTPS Support

System Integration

Configuring Downstream Caches

Manual Experiments

Automated Experiments


Security Considerations


Add Head

Add Instrumentation

Async Google AdSense

Async Google Analytics

Canonicalize JavaScript Libraries

Collapse Whitespace

Combine CSS

Combine JavaScript

Combine Heads

Convert Meta Tags

Deduplicate Inlined Images

Defer JavaScript

Elide Attributes

Extend Cache

Extend Cache PDFs

Filters and Options for Optimizing Images

Flatten CSS @imports

Hint Resource Preloading

Include JavaScript Source Maps

Inline @import to Link

Inline CSS

Inline Google Fonts API CSS

Inline JavaScript

Inline Preview Images

Insert Google Analytics

Lazily Load Images

Local Storage Cache

Make Images Responsive

Minify JavaScript

Move CSS Above Scripts

Move CSS to Head

Optimize Images

Outline CSS

Outline JavaScript


Pre-Resolve DNS

Prioritize Critical CSS

Remove Comments

Remove Quotes

Rewrite CSS

Rewrite Domain

Rewrite Style Attributes

Run Experiments

Sprite Images

Trim URLs



Release Notes

Mailing Lists