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Deduplicate Inlined Images


The 'Deduplicate Inlined Images' filter is enabled by specifying:

ModPagespeedEnableFilters dedup_inlined_images
pagespeed EnableFilters dedup_inlined_images;

in the configuration file.


Reduce the transfer size of HTML files by eliminating redundant image data URLs.

PageSpeed Rule

This rewriter implements the PageSpeed rule for optimizing images.


dedup_inlined_images replaces repeated inlined images with JavaScript that loads the image from the first occurence of the image. If the first image doesn't have an id, one is generated and added to it.


dedup_inlined_images rewrites inlined images:


The effect of this filter can be observed on modpagespeed.com before and after rewriting.


The inline_images filter should be enabled for this filter to have any effect although it will apply to inlined images in the original HTML.


dedup_inlined_images is considered low risk. It is possible for the resulting HTML to be larger than the original due to the size of the injected JavaScript but this is expected to be rare and not a large increase.