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Extend Cache PDFs


The 'Extend Cache PDFs' filter is enabled by specifying:

ModPagespeedEnableFilters extend_cache_pdfs
pagespeed EnableFilters extend_cache_pdfs;
in the configuration file.


'Extend Cache PDFs' is a version of Extend Cache that acts on PDFs. Unlike 'Extend Cache' it applies not only to resources but also to hyperlinks. For example, while 'Extend Cache' would not apply to <a href="example.jpg">, 'Extend Cache PDFs' would apply to <a href="example.pdf">.


Extend Cache: Operation describes the standard operation of cache extension in PageSpeed. This filter identifies PDF URLs by their ".pdf" extension and marks them as eligible for cache extension.


You can see the filter in action at www.modpagespeed.com for cache-extending PDFs in HTML.


In addition to the limitations of Extend Cache, this filter is limited by its reliance on file extensions for identifying potential PDF URLs. PDF resources with URLs ending in something other than ".pdf" won't be considered for cache extension.


This filter has the same risks as Extend Cache.