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PageSpeed Console

About the Console

The PageSpeed Console reports various problems your installation has that can lead to sub-optimal performance. The console graphs metrics for these problems over time so that you can see the result of your changes improving or degrading your performance. You can view it by enabling it and then visiting /pagespeed_admin/console from your server. The console works by saving snapshots of the statistics reported by PageSpeed and then using the Google Chart Tools API to graph those statistics over time.

Configuring the Console

The PageSpeed Console is configured with several directives in the configuration file. See PageSpeed Installation and Configuration for details about this file. Each of these directives is explained here.

Additionally these optional parameters may be configured:

For example, to log once a minute with a maximum log size of 1 MB:

ModPagespeedStatisticsLoggingIntervalMs 60000
ModPagespeedStatisticsLoggingMaxFileSizeKb 1024
pagespeed StatisticsLoggingIntervalMs 60000;
pagespeed StatisticsLoggingMaxFileSizeKb 1024;

Accessing the Console

The console can be accessed by browsing to http://your.example.com/pagespeed_admin/console. Access to this page can be controlled using standard access directives.

Note that if you would like to access the console from machines other than your server, you will need to allow access to /pagespeed_admin.

Graphed metrics

The PageSpeed console displays graphs for these metrics: