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Apart from its web configuration capabilities, the local configuration is stored in /etc/icingaweb2 by default (depending on your configuration setup).

File/Directory Description
config.ini General configuration (global, logging, themes, etc.)
resources.ini Global resources (Icinga Web 2 database for preferences and authentication, Icinga 2 IDO database)
roles.ini User specific roles (e.g. administrators) and permissions
authentication.ini Authentication backends (e.g. database)
enabledModules Symlinks to enabled modules
modules Directory for module specific configuration

General Configuration

Navigate into **Configuration > Application > General **.

This configuration is stored in the config.ini file in /etc/icingaweb2.

Global Configuration

Option Description
show_stacktraces Optional. Whether to show debug stacktraces. Defaults to 0.
module_path Optional. Specifies the directories where modules can be installed. Multiple directories must be separated with colons.
config_backend Optional. Select the user preference storage. Can be set to ini (default), db or none. If db is selected, this requires the config_resource attribute.
config_resource Optional. Specify a defined resource name. Can only be used if config_backend is set to db.

Example for storing the user preferences in the database resource icingaweb_db:

show_stacktraces = "0"
config_backend = "db"
config_resource = "icingaweb_db"
module_path = "/usr/share/icingaweb2/modules"

Logging Configuration

Option Description
log Optional. Specifies the logging type. Can be set to syslog, file, php (web server's error log) or none.
level Optional. Specifies the logging level. Can be set to ERROR, WARNING, INFORMATION or DEBUG.
file Optional. Specifies the log file path if log is set to file.
application Optional. Specifies the application name if log is set to syslog.
facility Optional. Specifies the syslog facility if log is set to syslog. Can be set to user, local0 to local7. Defaults to user.

Example for more verbose debug logging into a file:

log = "file"
level = "DEBUG"
file = "/usr/share/icingaweb2/log/icingaweb2.log"

Theme Configuration

Option Description
default Optional. Choose the default theme. Can be set to Icinga, high-contrast, Winter, 'colorblind' or your own installed theme. Defaults to Icinga. Note that this setting is case-sensitive because it refers to the filename of the theme.
disabled Optional. Set this to 1 if users should not be allowed to change their theme. Defaults to 0.


disabled = "1"
default = "high-contrast"