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    2 *********************************
    3 * Important information
    4 *********************************
    6 This is only an adapter to integrate pnp graphs to your icinga-web interface, you must install pnp4nagios separately. 
    7 After successful installation you should see a new icon in your host and services overview which display the pnp graphs for the host/service 
    8 when being clicked upon.
   10 And now let's answer the questions:
   12 1) How can I change the position of the icon?
   13 	1. go to %icinga-web%/app/modules/Cronks/data/xml/extensions/
   14    2. In both pnp-extension files there is a section called fields which represent the columns in your overview
   15    3. Search for the preferposition field, here you can enter the column id to orient the column after. Possible values
   16       are before:%id% or after:%id%
   17    4. Clear the cronk-cache (rm -r %icinga_web%/app/cache/)
   19 2) My pnp4nagios is not installed under http://my.host.com/pnp4nagios 
   20 	1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from 1). 
   21    2. Below "image_hover" there is a section called arguments (below parameters), which holds an url field. 
   22    3. Change this url
   23    4. Clear the cache (rm -r %icinga_web%/app/cache/)