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    1 This directory contains scripts to decode the data exposed by the eeprom
    2 Linux kernel driver.
    4 * decode-dimms (perl script)
    5   Decode the information found in memory module SPD EEPROMs. The SPD
    6   data is read either from the running system or from dump files.
    8 * decode-vaio (perl script)
    9   Decode the information found in Sony Vaio laptop identification EEPROMs.
   11 * ddcmon (perl script)
   12   decode-edid (perl script)
   13   Decode the information found in monitor EEPROMs. Both scripts require
   14   an access to the DDC channel of the monitor. This is typically provided
   15   by framebuffer drivers. decode-edid additionally requires parse-edid,
   16   which is part of the read-edid package. ddcmon prints general
   17   information, while decode-edid prints timing information for
   18   inclusion into your X11 configuration file.