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When using Hugo with GitHub Pages, you can provide your own template for a custom 404 error page by creating a 404.html template file in your /layouts folder. When Hugo generates your site, the 404.html file will be placed in the root.

404 pages will have all the regular page variables available to use in the templates.

In addition to the standard page variables, the 404 page has access to all site content accessible from .Pages.

▾ layouts/


This is a basic example of a 404.html template:

{{< code file=“layouts/404.html” download=“404.html” >}} {{ define “main”}}
   <h1 id="title"><a href="{{ "/" | relURL }}">Go Home</a></h1>

{{ end }} {{< /code >}}

Automatic Loading

Your 404.html file can be set to load automatically when a visitor enters a mistaken URL path, dependent upon the web serving environment you are using. For example:

{{% note %}} hugo server will not automatically load your custom 404.html file, but you can test the appearance of your custom “not found” page by navigating your browser to /404.html. {{% /note %}}