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    1 Some ideas (contributions/patches welcome):
    3 - wsesspage: don't fetch same object more than once (assume the existence
    4   of a cache)---this avoids trouble with recursive pages
    5 - make httperf easier to use; some ideas:
    6 	o Make httperf into a network daemon that is controlled by
    7 	  an httperf frontend.  This would allow running tests with
    8 	  a single command line even when multiple clients are involved.
    9 	  The performance results should be reported both on a
   10 	  per-client basis and in a summarized form reporting overall
   11 	  server behavior.
   12 	o Provide (default) scripts to run certain benchmarks.
   13 	o Provide (default) scripts to produce performance graphs.
   14 - use cycle registers to get time on CPUs that have such registers
   15   (IA-64, PA-RISC, x86, Alpha, at least)
   16 - randomize the uri's generated by --wset so we can defeat file prefetching
   17   that the server (or the server's OS) may attempt to do
   19 Done:
   21 + Specifying --session-cookie without specifying a session workload causes
   22   httperf to core-dump (reported by Dick Carter, 10/13/98)
   23 + elevate `Session' to same level as Call and Connection
   24 + sample session throughput when using sessions (not just rate throughput)
   25 + integrate Dick's wsesslog
   26 + write man-page
   27 + chunked replies fail after the first reply (at least on HP-UX)
   28 + core.c does not fully support pipelined requests yet; would require
   29   changes to the watchdog management