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    1 # Highlighting style for prompt commands. Available values:
    2 # algol, algol_nu, autumn, borland, bw, colorful, default, emacs, friendly,
    3 # fruity, igor, lovelace, manni, monokai, murphy, native, paraiso-dark,
    4 # paraiso-light, pastie, perldoc, rrt, solarized, tango, trac, vim, vs, xcode.
    5 # Preview themes at http://http-prompt.com/themes
    6 command_style = 'solarized'
    8 # Highlighting style for HTTPie's output. Available values are the same as
    9 # command_style. Set this to None to use HTTPie's default style, which you
   10 # can refer to https://httpie.org/doc#config-file-location
   11 output_style = None
   13 # The tool used to paginate output. Available values: 'less' and 'more'.
   14 # Note that 'more' does not support ANSI colors.
   15 pager = 'less'
   17 # What to do when a response has a 'Set-Cookie' header? Available values:
   18 # 'auto': set the cookie automatically and silently
   19 # 'ask': ask the user if they want to set the cookie
   20 # 'off': do nothing with the 'Set-Cookie' header
   21 set_cookies = 'auto'
   23 # Enable Vi editor mode? Available values: True / False.
   24 # When Vi mode is enabled, you use Vi-like keybindings to edit your commands.
   25 # When it is disabled, you use Emacs keybindings.
   26 vi = False