html2sgml documentation <author>Peter Antman <date>Tue Aug 26 12:26:46 MET DST 1997 <sect>README <p> html2sgml is a program wich converts html to sgml accroding to linuxdoc.sgml. With a file in linuxdoc.dtd format you can create nice typset books, well structured html-documents and so forth. linuxdoc.dtd is the format used in Linux HOWTOS, for example. html2sgml i tuned to work well with Applix HTML, and will convert any footnotes apearent in the applix word-file that was used to produce the html. To use html2sgml you need Perl. To use the image converting routines you also need: giftopnm, ppmtopgm and pnmtops To do something usefull with the resulting file you also need linuxdoc-sgml or the follow up sgml-tools <htmlurl url="" name="">. <sect1> Getting html2sgml <p> The homepage of html2sgml is <htmlurl url="" name=""> It is possible to ftp it from <htmlurl url="" name="">. It has also been upploded to <htmlurl url="" name=""> and <htmlurl url="" name="">. <sect1> Installation <p> To install html2sgml unpack the tarfile and cd into the disrtibution. Type <verb> make install </verb> It will install the programs html2sgml and mkbook, som files in the specified documentdirectory, including <em>extras</em> a couple of script that shows some examples of how you can merg severall html-files into one to use with html2sgml. A manual page will be installed too. Edit the makefile to change where to install and where Perl is on your system. The default is /usr/bin/perl and prefix = /usr/local <sect1> Usage <p> See the manual page </article>