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    1   html2sgml documentation
    2   Peter Antman
    3   Tue Aug 26 12:26:46 MET DST 1997
    5   11..  RREEAADDMMEE
    7   html2sgml is a program wich converts html to sgml accroding to
    8   linuxdoc.sgml.  With a file in linuxdoc.dtd format you can create nice
    9   typset books, well structured html-documents and so forth.
   10   linuxdoc.dtd is the format used in Linux HOWTOS, for example.
   12   html2sgml i tuned to work well with Applix HTML, and will convert any
   13   footnotes apearent in the applix word-file that was used to produce
   14   the html.
   16   To use html2sgml you need Perl. To use the image converting routines
   17   you also need: giftopnm, ppmtopgm and pnmtops
   19   To do something usefull with the resulting file you also need
   20   linuxdoc-sgml or the follow up sgml-tools
   21   http://www.xs4all.nl/~cg/sgmltools/.
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   25   The homepage of html2sgml is
   26   http://www.abc.se/~m9339/prog/html2sgml.html It is possible to ftp it
   27   from ftp://ftp.mc.hik.se/pub/users/mia95anp/html2sgml/.  It has also
   28   been upploded to ftp://ftp.redhat.com and
   29   ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/linux/.
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   33   To install html2sgml unpack the tarfile and cd into the disrtibution.
   34   Type
   36   make install
   38   It will install the programs html2sgml and mkbook, som files in the
   39   specified documentdirectory, including _e_x_t_r_a_s a couple of script that
   40   shows some examples of how you can merg severall html-files into one
   41   to use with html2sgml.  A manual page will be installed too.
   43   Edit the makefile to change where to install and where Perl is on your
   44   system.  The default is /usr/bin/perl and prefix = /usr/local
   46   11..33..  UUssaaggee
   48   See the manual page