version 2.35 * Release version 2.34+02 * Some petty optimisation in text output (replace ' '+ '\n' by '\n'). * Correct bug in text mode (012 by Florian Angeletti). On bad combination of indentation and version 2.34+01 * Correct bug in text mode (012 by Florian Angeletti). On bad combination of indentation and underlining. version 2.34 * Add command \formatlinks for greater control over navigation links. version 2.33 * Compatibility from 4.02.3 to 4.10.0 version 2.32 * Introduce SVG arrows, contribution by Florian Angeletti version 2.31 * Correct doc typos. version 2.30 * Better error message when several \documentclass are present. version 2.29+5 version 2.29+4 version 2.29+3 version 2.29+2 * mathjax 'automatic' support version 2.29+1 * mathjax support version 2.29 * Correct bug around double quotes. Notice that the "plain" status of double quotes is no expansion, by contrast with all other special characters. version 2.28 * lstlisting: find files lstlang?.sty in path (as latex does). version 2.27 * info: Add initial capitals for some words (workaround against (reported) info reader v 6.0 bug version 2.26 * add a warning in case of missing \end{document} * cleveref.hva patch (removes extra white space), credit: Tim Bourke. version 2.25 * Oups !! Forgot to add svg.hva, corrected. version 2.24 * Add svg.hva style file, to produce svg images. * More robust build. version 2.23 * include examples source in the distribution, as advertisedd on web page. version 2.22 * Attempt umplementation of \specialcomment (comment package). * \indexname now used in packages makeidx and multind as the default index name (Was 'Index') version 2.21 * Preliminary support for the portuguese language (credit Carlos Camarao) version 2.20 * Correct 2.09 correction, the test for the status of char '"' was negated... (PR #004) version 2.19 * Add a command \@htmlargs for re-defining the opening tag attributes. version 2.18 * PREFIX?=/usr/local in Makefile, to allow overriding by environment variable. * Adapt to ocaml 4.02, use 'Bytes' module + backward compatibility hack. * Some patches by Damien: typos + illegal format strings. version 2.17 * Adapt to ocaml 4.02 (suppress a few 'Deprecated' warnings) version 2.16 * Patchy: change fnsymbol from '%' to '$' version 2.15 * Correct definition of \@addstyle as '%' can now occur in attr -> inline definition of \@printnostyle * Correct bug : define \% as \char037 not as \@print{\char045} ! version 2.14 * Rationalize buffer usage and suppress private buff module. version 2.13 * More effort to skip comments in arguments. version 2.12 * esponja: allow ':' in attribute names. version 2.11 * hacha: allow ':' in attribute names. version 2.10 * Bug in \@makesection (latexcommon.hva). \end@sec@step was absent from the definition of stared sectionning comamnd. As a result the first label in section was used as the id of the section. * typo-bug in text/hevea.hva version 2.09 * Corrected a very unfortunate bug in german babel: \@german@dquote has to consider the case when '"' is not active.. version 2.08 * Added \fcolorbox version 2.07 * bug in hacha -tocbis/-tocter when no cut induced by section. * Do not change (\cutname) the name of toplevel file. version 2.06 * Two bugs reported by Michael Ernst fixed * - Some spaces dissapeared in toc's FIX -> add braces around macro expansion in subst_expn - Spurious '_' outside of math mode warnings when \label{..._...} occurs in section titles FIX -> add \@getprint around \sec@id@attr in \@doaddtoc [latexcommon.hva] and \cuthere [html/hevea.hva]. version 2.05 - Promote to official release version 2.04+dev2 - Correct esponja bug for windows : in windows you cannot remove a file when it is still open ! version 2.04+dev1 - patch by C Deleuze for a few fixes in info mode. version 2.04 - added \addto command to augment macros - partial implementation of cleveref - implemented hyperef \autoref - added hidden labeltype package to specify label types in .haux files - implemented global options version 2.03+dev - Change in \label management: if \label{lbl} occurs in the argument of a sectionning command (a.k.a section title), then the tag lbl will be used as the id of the enclosing element in html output. A specific warning is introduced to flag multiple occurences of \label in section titles. version 2.03 - Correct \addcontentsline so as to avoid any style, in .haux and make \@addcontentsline armoured (useless?) version 2.02 - Correct ocaml minimal version number in README version 2.01 - In delimited argument parsing, skip several comments (only one was allowed before). - Added undersection package, for underlined section headers. version 2.00 - HTML 5.0 output. version 1.99 - Last released version that outputs html 4.0 - Simplified html.mli, text.mli and info.mli by including outManager signature - Corrected installer bug (lstlang?.sty not installed !!) - Buffers with underlying rope structure (use our own) version 1.10+17 - Testing svn based release script version 1.10+16 - bug in amsmath.hva (missing \fi, suggestion by Toomas Rosin) version 1.10+15 - corrected file handle leak (in @iffileexists get.mll) - Added optional argunment to \newindex (makeidx package) version 1.10+14 - Silly bug in natbib-common.hva : forgot one argument to \NAT@bibitem in the no-optional argument case. version 1.10+13 - added greek option to babel - changes of imagen 1. Adopt pngalpha device for ghostscript 2. Use convert in place of pbmplus version 1.10+11 - correct (?) handling of DESTDIR - hacha recognises 'style' parameters, so as not to be fooled by missing chapters in article mode. version 1.10+10 - ftp links -> htp links in documentation - tried awful ack to echo %HEVEA in image files, does not work revert. - added option -dAutoRotate=/None in gs invokation by imagen. (suggestion of Sebastien Flicker) - amsmaths.hva: corrected bug in split environemnt. - \refstepcounter in \bititem -> set \theref, allow a hack [\ref{...}] \sim \cite{...} (Some do that). version 1.10+9 - listings: invisible delimiters [and no invisible comments] - \stepcounter -> \refstepcounter, for slide counter in seminar.hva - suppressed -gloss and -bib options that performed nothing. - execute \textnormal starting math mode. version 1.10+8 - different url parsing for hyperref. Looks more compatible. version 1.10+7 version 1.10+6 - added hanging and booktabs package (all definitions are no-ops) version 1.10+5 - \newline definition as \\ is a bad idea in tables -> \@br version 1.10+4 - remove explicit vertical VALIGN=top for @{...} in arrays ( - esponja was 'optimizing' t1t2 into t1t2. Correction: treat SUP and SUB as A. ( version 1.10+3 - very unfortunate typo: d\e'cembre -> d\'ecembre (french-common.hva) version 1.10+2 - added import package (no starred variants yet) - listings: range{begin,env}{prefix,suffix} keys. Result may be non-compliant, moire testing needed. - \Let -> \@Let (plain.hva), [clash with user definition was likely]. version 1.10+1 - Allow \par in footnotetext (latexcommon.hva) version 1.10 - corrected hacha that generated non-compliant HTML lists ! version 1.09+12 - added cutflow* environment. - correct packages.hva Now package state is pushed/restored by RequirePackage [needed for proper saving of package options] version 1.09+11 - natbib being added nightmare. Should release soon. version 1.09+10 - restored extra argument to \text@accent, silly ? - added a bit of documentation on math accents version 1.09+8 - labels for indexes restricted to sectionning labels. (credit to Yevgeniy Makarov) version 1.09+7 - Some changes for active characters -, ', and ` * -- not merged in entity if TT is on. * ' -> simple right quote, ` simple left quote version 1.09+6 - test new technique for release [shell] - skip_blanks in save.mll -> also eat spaces after \n (-> \urldef more compatible ??) - \usepackage{hevea} -> execute \usepackage{comment} for LaTeX compatibility - Change \warning into \hva@warning - New \AtEndOfFile command, rediscovered Latexmacros.replace at the occasion! version 1.09+5 - Include documentation for Thai. - A few typos in doc. - A few correction in french.hva -> \@print@u + \og\fg. - '\r' '\n' is scanned while looking for \par - Add empty group after title in section (for \xspace ! -> no space) - Introduced \RequirePackage version 1.09+4 - thai support - add vertical magins to styles .part and .title - listings, added inputencoding key. - Corrected footnotes flushing (to follow documentation) and made documentation more precise. - listings, *keywords* keys with correct interface (already here for *emph*). version 1.09+3 - UTF-8 support, hard to test. - abstract type for unicode + many less files for input encodings - Added input encodings koi8-r et cp1251 (Russian) version 1.09+2 - Correct some bugs for output to dir (imagen on absolute path). - And above all document that. - Produce doc in subdirectory doc/doc. - Document -toc{is,ter} options for hacha. version 1.09+1 - Simplified error messages for accents, too many problems in displaying argument. - hevea/hacha/imagen accept dir/file as input or output with sensible (?) behavior version 1.09 - Release at last. version 1.08+23 - more things in winfonts + doc + some tuning by IE viewing. - primitives \push@styles,\pop@styles to save,restore styles accross blocks (mathpartir) version 1.08+22 - make byte-test in examples -> specific tests - footnote to extra file, change behavior document. - special footnote flusing for \maketitle - Bug, hacha (close_chapter, cut.mll) must not close chapter page when it equals toc page. - Factor out code for mathdisplay (latexscan.mll) + new internal commands \displaymath \enddisplaymath -> display math without latex env (useful for mathpartir.) - Esponja removes unreferenced style classes. - Backtracking info printed directly in do_expand_command (latescan.mll) version 1.08+21 - Corrected bars for math accents: WIDTH= -> STYLE="width:.. and added some tests in examples/sym.tex - Notice : horiz bars in table -> is the most simple and works for both moz and IE. - Suppress vertical-align in dcells ! Vertical alignment is controlled by TR. (used by \@open{DISPLAY}{VALIGN="top"} in html/mathpartir) - Big trouble with styled displays (IE) finally solved by width:auto; in styles dcell and display. version 1.08+20 - added winfonts.hva, to replace a few entities by ascii art - initial value of 'true' for extendedchars (listings) - adopt most recent mac encoding 0xDB -> euro sign - added three window codepages and applemac in inputenc, useful ? version 1.08+19 - added sym.tex in examples. - suppress -symbols option ! - Back to ALIGN attributes in display cells, corresponding CSS declaration (text-align) does not apply to TABLE alignement, which breaks proper alignement of displays eg in numerator/denominator of \frac. - New behavior for \title, \title after \begin{document} should work with documentation. - Suppress DIV CLASS="center" around displays, include margin-left:auto; margin-right-auto in display class There is one complication : top level displays now have to be kept (cf open_maths in Beside an enclosing group is needed (for limiting the scope of font changes in $$... $$). version 1.08+18 - Clarify and document footnote flushing. - \vdash and \dashv unicode entities were swapped (iso-symb.hva) version 1.08+17 - Styles defined by \newstyle can go into external file, by \externalcsstrue - Added \marginpar version 1.08+16 - Flush footnotes at end of 'minipage' environments - \@seename -> \seename in index.hva/makeidx.hva version 1.08+15 - eat space before scanning \verb, \lstlisting argument (Save.save_verbatim) - hacha: bug in toplevel toc for -tocter mode those where closed too often. Finally working ? - hacha/footnotes: added \@footnoteflush in \cutend -> footnotes text in the same file as marks most of the time - added stacks for redefining/restoring commands (\hva@newstack) - include imagen options as comment in image file -> force production of images when options change. Then, Misc also has a checkpointed state, so as to avoid double inclusion of options with -fix. version 1.08+14 - added xspace.hva version 1.08+13 - added bibhva executable, so as to call bibtex on .haux files yielding .hbbl files - managed for .haux files to be bibtex processable - \textsubscript does not exist! - \textsubscript forgotten. - Small bug in 'mid' counts in \process@delim@top - styled theorem-like envs - \setkeys => \@seytkeys in mathpartir (avoid echo in image file) - Be more tolerant with lists without \item (warning) + avoid producing such in multicolumn indexes. - added ifpdf package - Style all list environments (+ thefootnotes, the bibliography) - Corrected bug in table of Contents: Section whose level is < to tocdepth should go into toc, regardless of secnumdepth - Suppressed first line, if empty, in verbatim (and verbatim*). - New placement of hacha anchors (inside section headers, through command \@secanchor) - Suppressed some spurious newlines in html output (mostly in HEAD) - ? is no more special (equivalent to @) in indexes " becomes more general (quote everything) - option -dv - chngcntr package. - Use P elements for paragraphs, numerous changes, \n\n lines found while parsing arguments pending, useful ? version 1.08+12 - Big trouble : forgot mapings in distribution ! version 1.08+11 - Important change in managing inputencodings/charsets, so as they can be different. Documentation done. Basically: for all chars in input 1. Translate to unicode 2. From one unicode char a- Output as a char if possible in doc charset b- Otherwise, output numerical reference. - Changed \limits/\nolimits scanning, so as to find last ! - latin encoding support, through the inputenc package and checked numerical entities (\@print@u) Defaut charset is now US-ASCII. - Added eurosym package - Added textcomp package - compatibility deepcut/thebibliography, \sectionning command \@bbliosection must appear in outer scope. - deepcut: also cut footnotes. - chapterbib : sectionbib -> entry in toc. version 1.08+10 - deepcut patched - supertable completed. - longtable package, a nightmare - forget option argument in \caption, fixed - publicize the generic url - a few changes in graphics/graphicx to allow loading both (and \@imagecommand in html/hevea.hva uses \def) - show/noshow option for package figcut. version 1.08+9 - figcut and deepcut packages. - \lstavoidpre command in listings -> allow copy/paste in listings. version 1.08+8 - \settoplinks command for changing hacha links aspect. - Basic chapterbib (works for included files only, no top level bibliography). version 1.08+7 - change caption (in figure, tables) formatting -> new command \hva@caption that can be redefined for customisation. - correct (once again) eol marker in listings (line skip was missing for firstline=n, n > 1) - new option -pdf for imagen. version 1.08+6 - ignore keys fraction and myfraction in mathpartir (warning) - trick to allow nested \underline\overline in displays. version 1.08+5 - Bug in new integerface, canniot use \unset to deactivate a stringizer.., use \lst@inactivate in place. Very inneficient. - new interfaces for commemts and strings, still need to activate various styles in strings, Note the new mecanism for strings,generalize to other delims ? (to implement delete) - new -t option for imagen (doc pending) -> dvips - Got rid of spurious line skip at start of lstlisting env. version 1.08+4 - added delim, moredelim, deletedelim, should now implement new interface for comments and strinsg, and normalize style command names... Semantics of 'delete' key is somehow radical... version 1.08+3 - esponja -> keep color inside A elts - made \today proper (lot of space were introduced). - -w Z warning -> quite a lot of corrections. - Huge bug (all ' -> - in text mode). - breaklines in listings -> warning - Previous fix introduced a bug in balanced/nested comments: replace scan of \endgroup by call to end_comment. - Listing bugs, style command can be arguments to commentstyle and stringstyle version 1.08+2 - <<-o - >> redirects html output to stdout. - added tabsize, showtabs and tab keys in listings, approximate rendering. - added default values for keywords - changed keywords management * keywords are installed while defining languages (and not in hook AfterSetLanguage) * all keywords are erased in PreSetlanguage - added classes in keywords - debugged showlines in listings, at end ? version 1.08+1 - key frame (and a few others, related to frames) in listings - \title, \author and \date now work after \begin{document} - Small bug listings, an additional line was appended at the end of listings when showlines=true version 1.08 - Serious german babel, with active '"' version 1.08 -Release : two major changes * Replace symbol font by entities * Introduction of style sheets. version 1.07+2 - added some entities for textquoteleft etc. + package ragged2e + bug in german.hva - bug in text generation (safe_make_string in Text.put_line) - output named html colors when appropriate. - added \ifwhitepre to identify space-white=pre, this flags alters Html.put_nbsp behavoir. Should also apply to \@br. - worked on manual (style sheets) - Added interpretation of - -- --- `` and '' in main latexscan.mll version 1.07+1 - Add lineranges in listings + cleaning showlines - Start using style-sheets - Integrate mathpartir - Small listings bugs (space forgotten in \lstinline"A A"). - Erase bussproof and proof, concentrate on Didier's mathparir - Change title/maketitle management -> typeset after document is opened in image file (allow \includegrahics in \title!) - Two listings bugs [backslash newline in strings & argument parsing for lstinline]. - Get rid of cpp in Makefile (use sed instead, hope this will work for everybody!) - added all *.hva in libs.defs - added html/style-sheets.hva in libs.def - caption/label keys in the listing package. - change '-o path' behavior for hacha, all generated files go into directory 'dirname path' - \@addimagenopt + looking for imagen in libdir (documentation pending) - supertabular package. - change rawhtml -> output in html mode only + new raw and rawtext envs - Additional entities for big delimiters. version 1.07 - Release, to follow ocaml evolution. version 1.06+1 - Added \lstnewenvironment in package listings - Pb pour les delims de hauteur 1 : -> rescanner le delimiteur ! Pas le tps. - Bug in text manager : incorrect behavior \centering-like declarations. Solution make the align flags systematically stacked - Add a command-line flag to hacha -nolinks -> suppress Previous/Up/Next links - Small hacha bug : replicate \htmlfoot argument in index.html file even when hevea generated footer is absent. - New \@charset command and xxcharset.exe script, to control output document character set. - firstnumber=auto|last|nnn in listings.hva - started adding an example for listings (exlst.tex) - proper (?) implementation of emph classes in listings (some debug print left) - key label in listings + ignore empty fst argument of env listing + patch on initial line numbers - An attempt to follow << listings >> pace of developement all '*label*' keys are now '*numbers*' keys, snif. - Added bgcolor definition in hevea.sty, not very good - Spaces are irrelevant everywhere in array/tabular format - A new warning for \right and \left in non-display mode. - Special parsing (\@verbimagearg) for ``\DeclareGraphicsRule'' last argument. - Allow multiples > and < in package array. - Better error message for undefined defaults in keyval. - Do not check comments before Save.arg_verbatim. - Added a new primitive \@styleattr - Almost complete multibib package. - Small bit of xypic (-> all \xymatrix are images). version 1.06 version 1.06-7 - \ifmagen indroduced, \imagentrue at beginning of .image.tex, \imagenfalse in hevea.sty, if \ifimagen undefined. - Bug -> stopimage in lstinline. - Throw away index when some key field is empty (i.e. mimic makeindex) - Introduced \htmprefix - Bug in ``\@displayint'' (introduced by the new ``\@getprint'') - compatibility with ocaml 3.03 (do not close a file twice) - Table of contents a` la LaTeX. - new ``-hrf'' option for hacha - PNG managment in hevea/imagen - Added a ``-quant'' option to imagen - Changed ``\@getprint'' to interpret characters Cleaned a few bad usages of ``\@getprint'' - Added ``\hyperref'' with optional argument. - Added underscore package - Bug htmlfoot, MUST appear last in hevea output - small stuff in listings (showlines and continued line numbering) version 1.06-6 - Added esponja - Better error diagnostic for bad usage of \begin{document}... \end{document} - Added a \tocnomber command to include section numbers in table of contents - Better amstmath package version 1.06-5 - \index allowed in section titles (@norefs extension) - Big dynamic scoping bug in packages.hva - Two easy misfeature disappear . trailing -exec prog brougth back one step . blanks allowed in array formats - Option -version - Bug in, finalize -> active := false, to make module restartable - Bug moreverb, protect get_line by save_lexstate/restore_lexstate. - Bug paragraphe (remettre Save.seen_par a` false dans make_stack). - Bug \iftest -> modifs locales (par fun_register) - Bug argument csname de \newcommand dans toimage -> save_arg - Licence du manuel. - Bug par, Dest.par None doit e^tre un nop (cf. appel dans expand_command, avec name = \par). - insertion d'un @verbarg pour les clefs de labels et de citations - Hot oubliait les notes de bas de page. - Simplification Misc.copy_hashtbl, ne marche plus pour les liaisans multiples. - small simplification fancyvrb - \sbox lrbox finally ok ? - New \@getprintnostyle primitive - Leading spaces in \usepackage{pkg1, pgk2} - New optimized mode for styles. - Plein de bugs corrige's (arguments a` , notamment), listings et fancyverb version 1.06-4 version 1.06-3 - Bug hacha, all output now goes into current directory - Paragraphs not ok, quick fix (in \\begin and \\end) - All document was typeset inside a Latexmacros group ! -> change \document \enddocument commands - Corrected a bugs in argument parsing/scanning (save_sup/sub and arg scanning with ``may_cont'' - alltt flags ignored when the alltt package is not loaded - A little more for fancyvrb version 1.06-2 - Started implementing the fancyvrb package version 1.06-1 - A la TeX \mathop - patched bugs in info genearation - alltt implementation revised. Efficency concern - listings package implementation - \def and \let now have TeX semantics *IMPORTANT* - \toplinks, for prev,up, next links on the root file. - Bug for paragraphs inside \@stopoutput.. \@restoreoutput. - Bug CamlCode in get.mll lexer. Correction is patchy. version 1.05 version 1.05-7 - More customability for arrays and paragraphs - PDF manual - ``Environments'' toimage and verbimage do not define scope in latex anymore. - Some patches in array formats. - New ``cutflow'' feature in hacha. - Bad interaction beeteen new indexenv code and multiple indexes : code for indexenv is now re-entrant. - Index on two columns by default. - Bug footnotes at document end in info mode version 1.05-6 - Bad index entries are better treated - nasty regression bug in \bibitem, example in suite.tex - \label and \ref allowed in section headers (by a new @norefs environment) - \@try{txt1}{txt2} as exception handler -> Generalized checkpoints and hot starts. - New primitive \@getprint : get_prim_arg + \@notags + Dest.put, for HTML attributes - Bug exception NoGood (entry.mll and index.tex) - Two bugs: \tabbing closed a group at startup and Sys.rename failure when target exists on windows. - keyval package. - Bug range references in indexes (``|('' .. ``|)'' now ignored) - xxdate.exe script and \today in latexcommon.hva. - -exec prog option for generating .hva files on the fly - New license (QPL). - color (I mean no color!) for text - documentation for new hyperlinks macros and url package - bug argument de \cite - \imageflush is now a hva macro that calls \imgsrc. (internal is \@imageflush) - Bug in htmlMath : # now is a complex character. - new index scheme a` la latex, with external files - aux files read by \document - added de \@stopoutput \@restartoutput - bug \@stopimage \@stopimage .. \@restartimage \@restartimage -> a new stack for active in Image. - hevea.sty based uppon ``comment.sty'' - Bug at the end of image scanner (top_close_block was done after stop_other_scan...) - new hevea.sty as a package. - half implemented ``hyperref'' package needs doc - implemented the ``url'' package needs documentation (-> compat.hva) - new management of pending mods in, cancellation is done on a per-color basis -> more or less efficient ? - Added many colors (hsv, named color models) - new panic mode, (old mode sometimes made hevea loop for ever) - new fancyarticle.hva style for the manual - introduced \@hr ->
- started length management - all primitives should get their argument by get_prim_arg -> primitive argument are substituted/processed (except \@print of course) - new management of bindings, lexbuf is associated with a current environment. - new primitive \execafter -> graphics package implementation. version 1.05-5 - Beta version anounced on user mailing list. version 1.05-4 - Bug basein, file extension is stripped only if it is ``.tex'' - Bug verbatiminput (end of file now raises Misc.EndInput). version 1.05-3 - Allow a few catcode changes on active characters - l,c,r cells get top-aligned when there are other cells with vertical alignement specified (such as p). - new ``Stack'' module. - ``-tocbis'' option for hacha - Introduced \texlet \texdef and better documentation for TeX macros. - Computation of cross-referencing information using .haux files - Delimited arguments version 1.05-2 - synchro videoc version 1.05-1 - Small bug in optional arg parsing ('\n' before arg) - Warning for \def with delimiting characters - Small table of contents at file start (hacha modification). - Support for the \FRAME macro from Scientific Word. - For paragraph breaks -> empty lines may contain spaces. - Added a -entities switch -> math symbols as HTML 4.0 entities and unicode character references (yet uncomplete) - Refine the -pedantic option wrt to 4.0 transitional version 1.04 - Experimental mathml mode, for equations. - Choose html 4.0 transitional as default output language - split into, and - Better list-making environment and better documentation for them. - Suppressed ``Videoc'' when in text mode. - Added \csname ... \endcsname, environement names such as ``list1'' are supported - Symbols defined as .hva source files. - All internal macros can now be redefined. - Simplified internal macro values (-> 2 constructor only, and CamlCode arg is lexbuf -> unit) - Added an index in the manual (only extensions on LaTeX are indexed). - Added a secnumdepth counter and make high order defitions for sectional units. - Better paragraph managment across \label and \index. - info and text output, important changes in library organization. - mutind.hva compatibility file (added a \indexname internal command). - Better looking indexes, index tags get expanded. - New behavior for ``_'' and ``^'' outside math mode: they are echoed and a warning is issued - Simplified ``space after macro'' managment. - Mathematical accents added, rendering is far from perfect. - \\ in display mode does not emit
anymore - Small ams compatibility mode : displayed equations (ams.hva) and \numberwithin (modified for that). - Silly bug : opened files where never closed. - Better error message for missing \makeindex. - Eat \\ optional argument after \hline. - Bug in book.hva : \section* down to \susubsection* should ``\cuthere'' version 1.03 - \htmlfoot and \htmlhead commands. - Independant lexers for getting booleans and integers (module Get) - Optimized the regexps for headers in hacha. - A new ``image'' file is generated only when its content changed w.r.t. hevea previous run - macros ``centering'', ``raggedleft'' and ``raggedright'' - integrate the ``snippet'' plugin (by - change computation of values (integer and boolean) - optimization of size changes, in term of the generated HTML size - commands \ifthenelse and \equal from the ifthenelse package - compatibility with the ``array'' package - html.sty changed into hevea.sty - Better error messages by better exception handling (thanks to - Hevea style files now have extension ``.hva'' - Make main scanner a functor (add outManager.mli). This is a first step toward having several output languages. - Added the -extra and -mag options to imagen - Started a FAQ - Cleaned up somehow the output of iso-latin1 special symbols by putting all their definitions in hevea.sty. - Added a -noiso switch to output HTML entities such as é in place of iso-latin1 characters such as ``''. - Better macro for \simeq (-> defined in hevea.sty) - Bug in displays : spurious were introduced by get_block and by "FORGET". - More precise error message in case of unbalanced environments : the opening line of the pending environment is shown. - Experimental seminar mode - Substitute \input argument - \longrightarrow et \leftrightarrow were forgotten. - Bugs in altt (%, &). version 1.02 - imagen is less nfs intensive (pipes, temporary files in /usr/tmp) and characters are anti-aliased. - Color in the ``color'' package style. - new verbimage and verblatex that implement the old behavior of latexonly and toimage. - new toimage and latexonlu environments that can appear inside others environments dynamically. - macros arguments are now substituted inside ``toimage'' environments - Small cosmetic changes in paragraph breaks inside nested lists. - Corrected bug in the interaction of \left... \right and \over - added \includonly - added \@bodyargs \@htmlargs macros to parametrize the and tags. - implemented \renewenvironment. - correctly implemented call-by-name. - the tabbing environment now works as specified. - small bug corrected: spaces after \begin{verbatim} were eaten. - _\cmd and ^\cmd are now recognized - \hspace and \vspace now interpret simple length arguments. (added a length.mll file) - Corrected a bug on the scope of definitions, when a definition fails. - Added support for verbatiminput, on an idea by Philippe Queinnec ( - Changed module Aux into Auxx, to ease Philip A. Viton ( Windows port. Version 1.01 Bug fixes. - Corrected a bug with \frac and \over: text before them appeared above fraction. - Corrected a HACHA bug: a spurious was introduced before footer. - Corrected a few bugs in documentation (htmlraw -> rawhtml). Version 1.0 Initial release.