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    1 # To set the same options for a block of harddisks, do so with something
    2 # like the following example options:
    3 # harddisks="/dev/hda /dev/hdb"
    4 # hdparm_opts="-d1 -X66"
    5 # This is run before the configuration in hdparm.conf.  Do not use 
    6 # this arrangement if you need modules loaded for your hard disks,
    7 # or need udev to create the nodes, or have some other local quirk
    8 # These are better addressed with the options in /etc/hdparm.conf
    9 #
   10 # harddisks=""
   11 # hdparm_opts=""
   13 # By default, hdparm will refuse to set harddisk options on any drive
   14 # if the system has software RAID running, and one or more disk arrays
   15 # are in the process of resynchronisation.
   16 # With this variable set to 'yes', /etc/init.d/hdparm will suspend the
   17 # RAID resynchronisation process before setting harddisk options, and
   18 # will resume it after setting is done.