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    2 This maven module has core protobuf definition files ('.protos') used by hbase
    3 Coprocessor Endpoints that ship with hbase core including tests. Coprocessor
    4 Endpoints are meant to be standalone, independent code not reliant on hbase
    5 internals. They define their Service using protobuf. The protobuf version
    6 they use can be distinct from that used by HBase internally since HBase started
    7 shading its protobuf references. Endpoints have no access to the shaded protobuf
    8 hbase uses. They do have access to the content of hbase-protocol -- the
    9 .protos found in here -- but avoid using as much of this as you can as it is
   10 liable to change.
   12 Generation of java files from protobuf .proto files included here is done as
   13 part of the build.