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The Dockerfile in this folder can be used to build a Docker image running the latest HBase master branch in standalone mode. It does this by setting up necessary dependencies, checking out the master branch of HBase from GitHub, and then building HBase. By default, this image will start the HMaster and launch the HBase shell when run.


  1. Ensure that you have a recent version of Docker installed from docker.io.
  2. Set this folder as your working directory.
  3. Type docker build -t hbase_docker . to build a Docker image called hbase_docker. This may take 10 minutes or more the first time you run the command since it will create a Maven repository inside the image as well as checkout the master branch of HBase.
  4. When this completes successfully, you can run docker run -it hbase_docker to access an HBase shell running inside of a container created from the hbase_docker image. Alternatively, you can type docker run -it hbase_docker bash to start a container without a running HMaster. Within this environment, HBase is built in /root/hbase-bin.