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    1 V2.14/16-Mar-2010:
    2    * Added verbose (-v) options to hatimerun and halockrun.
    3      The verbose options help in diagnosing issues and allow simpler
    4      error reporting.
    5      The hatimerun -v option writes a message if the execution took
    6      longer then the first timeout.
    7      This feature was borrowed from Steve Friedl's lockrun.c
    8      implementation at http://unixwiz.net/tools/lockrun.html
    9      In combination with -k NONE, hatimerun behaves very similar to
   10      lockrun --max-time.
   12      Thanks to Vallo Kallaste and 25th-floor.com for testing.
   14      There is also a blog article about this release:
   15      http://blog.fatalmind.com/tag/hatools/
   17 V2.13/04-Dec-2009:
   18    * An environment manipulation problem in hatimerun and halockrun was 
   19      fixed.
   20      The environment variable POSIXLY_CORRECT is set by hatools to allow
   21      proper command line parsing. The environment was not reverted before
   22      the protected command was started and might have caused improper
   23      command line parsing in the executed command.
   24      The fix makes sure the environment is reverted to its original
   25      state before the actual command is started.
   26      Again, Thx to Vallo Kallaste for the report and the retest.
   28 V2.12/30-Nov-2009:
   29    * A build problem was fixed. Thx. to Vallo Kallaste for the report and 
   30      the retest.
   31      The bug has prevented successful compilation on some systems. If you 
   32      did not suffer any build problems, there is no need to upgrade.
   34 V2.11/09-Nov-2009:
   35    * halockrun: fixed a bug in asynchronous mode (-a). Which was
   36                 introduced with the previous version.
   37 		Due to this bug, the lock was not acquired when using the -a flag.
   38    * halockrun: improved error handling for async mode (-a) so that
   39                 the alternative error code (-E) works correctly.
   41 V2.10/04-May-2009:
   42    * halockrun: fixed a bug in non-blocking mode for systems
   43                 which return EACCES in case the file is locked.
   44    * hatimerun: allowed hh:mm:ss notation for timeout values
   45    * halockrun: added the -N switch (no-op mode) as alternative 
   46                 to -t.
   47    * improved error reporting in async mode (-a)
   48    * Special thanks go to Florian Helmberger for his efforts to
   49      test this release.
   51 V2.00/18-Aug-2007:
   52    * More clearly defined the return values of hatimerun.
   53    * added -E option to halockrun so that a distinction between
   54      locking problems and other errors is possible.
   56 V1.12/14-Aug-2006:
   57    * Fixed a bug which caused a compile time error on systems which
   58      need -lposix4 to have nanosleep() available (Thx to Stefan 
   59      Berglund for reporting and analyzing).
   60    * Fixed some warnings with -pedantic
   62 V1.11/19-Jun-2006:
   63    * Fixed a bug in hatimerun which caused environment manipulation
   64      on some platforms. 
   65      The problem was observed, analyzed and reported by Thomas
   66      Picherot.
   68 V1.10/27-May-2006:
   70    * Introduced the possibility to specify multiple -t -k and -e
   71      options to hatimerun. This allows sending more then one signal
   72      if the process doesn't terminate after the first one.
   74 V1.00/15-Mar-2005:
   76    * Fixed a race-condition in hatimerun which could cause zombies
   77      until the timeout appears. Thx to Michael Polivanov for the report.
   80 V0.99.09/7-Jan-2003:
   82    * Added the test mode for halockrun. Using the -t flag halockrun
   83      can check a file for a lock, if the file is locked (e.g. by
   84      another halockrun) the PID of the process holding the lock
   85      will be printed to stdout.
   86    * minor portability improvements
   88 V0.99.08/26-Oct-2001:
   90    * Changed halockrun to not fork. This can be changed via the "-f" option.
   91    * Made signalhandling for halockrun and hatimerun to ignore TERM,
   92      HUP, INT, PIPE, QUIT, USR1 and USR2 in the parent.
   93    * Changed exitcode of hatimerun and halockrun if the child
   94      abnormally aborts.
   95    * hatimerun will always wait for the child to exit, even if the timeout
   96      occurs.
   97    * Fixed bug which caused hatimerun to not recognize "-k HUP" on non
   98      BSD systems.
  101 V0.99.07/9-Aug-2001:
  103    * Applied patch from Scott Gallaher to fix some warnings.
  104    * Fixed getopt behavior on GNU systems (POSIXLY_CORRECT)
  105    * Fixed returncode of getopt (works on AIX now)
  106    * Improved Signallist creation procedure (works now for AIX and Solaris)