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    1 Video Mixer
    2 -----------
    4 A generice video mixer, it blends the ayuv buffers from all pads onto 
    5 a new buffer. The new buffer has by default a checkerboard pattern but
    6 its color can be changed with a property.
    7 The mixer can mix streams with different framerates and video sizes. It
    8 uses the duration value of the buffer to schedule the rendering of the
    9 buffers. For streams with a different resolution than the final output
   10 resolution one can specify the position of the top left corner where this
   11 image should be placed with the pad properties xpos and ypos.
   12 The overall alpha value of a stream can also be specified with a pad
   13 property.
   14 By default, the streams are blended in the order that the pads were 
   15 requested from the element. This can be overridden by changing the 
   16 zorder pad property of the stream, a stream with lower zorder gets
   17 drawn first.
   20 TODO
   21 ----
   23 - really implement zorder
   24 - take I420 yuv as well
   25 - output AYUV if possible.
   26 - implement different blend modes, some code is already done
   27 - use filter caps on srcpad to decide on the final output size