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    1 Packets come from 1394 480 bytes at a time.  This is not a video segment
    2 length.  This causes problems, since a packet boundary crossing a video
    3 segment can split a video segment if we lose an iso packet.  We can
    4 recover from this, sorta, with significant changes to the parser.  We have
    5 to deal with the idea that a) some macroblocks just don't exist (we have
    6 zero's for them) and b) when any of the 5 macroblocks doesn't exist, we
    7 can't do pass 3.
    9 Since things are bitstream-based, we can deal with this, but we have to
   10 add a layer of code that tries to save time (maybe) by not decoding things
   11 that don't exist.  Not sure how this is gonna work with the parse code
   12 being based on video segments, and not easily splittable into
   13 macroblock-level parsing (or is it?).