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PHPExcel AutoFilter Reference

Autofilter Expressions

DateGroup Filters

In MS Excel, DateGroup filters provide a series of dropdown filter selectors for date values, so you can specify entire years, or months within a year, or individual days within each month.


DateGroup filters are still applied as a Standard Filter type.


Creating a dateGroup filter in PHPExcel, you specify the values for “checked” columns as an associative array of year. month, day, hour minute and second. To select a year and month, you need to create a DateGroup rule identifying the selected year and month:

            'year' => 2012,
            'month' => 1

The key values for the associative array are:

Like Standard filters, DateGroup filters are always a match of EQUALS, and multiple standard filters are always treated as being joined by an OR condition.

Note that we alse specify a ruleType: to differentiate this from a standard filter, we explicitly set the Rule’s Type to AUTOFILTER_RULETYPE_DATEGROUP. As with standard filters, we can create any number of DateGroup Filters.