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    1 Projects Module
    4 1. Setup threshold level for sending mails to projets Manager about expense budgets
    6 In the config.php file of your installation add the following option:
    7 ---------------------------------------------
    8 $config["projects_alert_thresholds"]="75,100";
    9 ---------------------------------------------
   10 This will send mail alerts when threshold is 75% and 100% is reached.
   11 - Email alerts are only send when the projects has a manager who has an email address.
   12 - If an email about a higher threshold is already send the lower threshold mail wont be send anymore.
   13 - A cronjob that run every 5 minutes will send the email once per hour when necessary (if the minutes of that hour are below 9)
   16 2. Add new user fees to a project
   18 Give a GroupOffice user book permission on the project type
   19 Go to: Administration -> types -> double click a type -> Book permission -> Add a user or group
   20 When added the user will show up in the "Default fee" tab