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Member "groonga-12.0.5/test/command/suite/reference_acquire/auto_release_count/0.test" (30 Jun 2022, 544 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/groonga-12.0.5.tar.gz:

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    3 table_create Users TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText
    4 column_create Users name COLUMN_SCALAR ShortText
    6 table_create Terms TABLE_PAT_KEY ShortText \
    7   --default_tokenizer TokenBigram \
    8   --normalizer NormalizerAuto
    9 column_create Terms users_name COLUMN_INDEX|WITH_POSITION Users name
   11 log_level --level dump
   12 #@add-important-log-levels dump
   13 #@add-ignore-log-pattern /\A\[io\]/
   14 reference_acquire --target_name Users --recursive yes --auto_release_count 0
   15 select Users
   16 reference_release --target_name Users --recursive yes