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    3 <!DOCTYPE html>
    5 <html lang="en">
    6   <head>
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    9     <title>News - 2.x &#8212; Groonga v10.0.8 documentation</title>
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   24   <h1 class="title">
   25     <a id="top-link" href="../index.html">
   26       <span class="project">groonga</span>
   27       <span class="separator">-</span>
   28       <span class="description">An open-source fulltext search engine and column store.</span>
   29     </a>
   30   </h1>
   32   <div class="other-language-links">
   33     <ul>
   34       <li><a href="../../../ja/html/news/2.x.html">日本語</a></li>
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   46         <li class="nav-item nav-item-0"><a href="../index.html">Groonga v10.0.8 documentation</a> &#187;</li>
   47         <li class="nav-item nav-item-this"><a href="">News - 2.x</a></li> 
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   56   <div class="section" id="news-2-x">
   57 <h1>News - 2.x<a class="headerlink" href="#news-2-x" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h1>
   58 <div class="section" id="release-2-1-2-2013-01-29">
   59 <span id="release-2-1-2"></span><h2>Release 2.1.2 - 2013-01-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-1-2-2013-01-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
   60 <div class="section" id="improvements">
   61 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#improvements" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
   62 <ul class="simple">
   63 <li><p>Supported multiple <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">query()</span></code> in a select command.
   64 For example, you can specify the keyword which has different weight such as
   65 ‘query(“column * weight1”, keyword1) || query(“column * weight2”, keyword2) || …’
   66 for <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--filter</span></code>.</p></li>
   67 <li><p>Dropped experimental view feature.</p></li>
   68 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_logger_reopen</span></code> API for custom logger.
   69 Note that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_logger_info</span></code> API is deprecated, use <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_logger</span></code> API instead.</p></li>
   70 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_default_logger_set_path()</span></code> and <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_default_logger_get_path()</span></code> API.
   71 Note that global <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_log_path</span></code> variable was removed. Use above API.</p></li>
   72 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_default_query_logger_set_path()</span></code> and
   73 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_default_query_logger_get_path()</span></code> API.
   74 Note that global <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_qlog_path</span></code> variable was removed. Use above API.</p></li>
   75 <li><p>Added translated documentation about <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/tables.html"><span class="doc">Tables</span></a> and <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/normalizers.html"><span class="doc">Normalizers</span></a>.</p></li>
   76 <li><p>[deb][rpm] Improved to install with missing dictionary when
   77 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga-tokenizer-mecab</span></code> package is installed.</p></li>
   78 <li><p>Supported <a class="reference internal" href="../tutorial/match_columns.html#nested-index-search"><span class="std std-ref">Nested index search among related table by column index</span></a> with range search.
   79 For example, you can specify ‘column1.column2…columnN &lt;= “1988-01-04 00:00:00”’
   80 in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--filter</span></code>.</p></li>
   81 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Supported Fedora 18.</p></li>
   82 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Dropped Fedora 17 support.</p></li>
   83 <li><p>[doc] Added documentation for <a class="reference internal" href="../server/package.html"><span class="doc">Server packages</span></a>.</p></li>
   84 <li><p>[doc] Added documentation for <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/functions/query.html"><span class="doc">query</span></a>.</p></li>
   85 </ul>
   86 </div>
   87 <div class="section" id="fixes">
   88 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#fixes" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
   89 <ul class="simple">
   90 <li><p>Fixed not to report an error even though MeCab tokenizer shared object
   91 isn’t found. [groonga-dev,01174] [Reported by wing]</p></li>
   92 <li><p>[httpd] Fixed not to fail configure on CentOS 5.4 by setting
   93 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">SED</span></code> variable explicitly.</p></li>
   94 <li><p>Fixed a crash bug that not initialized vector column value is accessed
   95 by select command.</p></li>
   96 </ul>
   97 </div>
   98 <div class="section" id="thanks">
   99 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#thanks" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  100 <ul class="simple">
  101 <li><p>wing</p></li>
  102 </ul>
  103 </div>
  104 </div>
  105 <div class="section" id="release-2-1-1-2012-12-29">
  106 <span id="release-2-1-1"></span><h2>Release 2.1.1 - 2012-12-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-1-1-2012-12-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  107 <p>This is bug fix release of 2.1.0. All of 2.1.0 users should use 2.1.1
  108 instead.</p>
  109 <div class="section" id="id1">
  110 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id1" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  111 <ul class="simple">
  112 <li><p>Fixed a bug that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">KEY_NORMALIZE</span></code> information in database that is
  113 created by groonga 2.0.8 or ealier is dropped.</p></li>
  114 </ul>
  115 </div>
  116 </div>
  117 <div class="section" id="release-2-1-0-2012-12-29">
  118 <span id="release-2-1-0"></span><h2>Release 2.1.0 - 2012-12-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-1-0-2012-12-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  119 <div class="admonition caution">
  120 <p class="admonition-title">Caution</p>
  121 <p>Use 2.1.1 instead of 2.1.0. 2.1.0 has a serious bug related
  122 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">KEY_NORMALIZE</span></code>.</p>
  123 </div>
  124 <div class="admonition caution">
  125 <p class="admonition-title">Caution</p>
  126 <p>This release has backward incompatible changes against <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">table_list</span></code> and
  127 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">column_list</span></code> commands. If you use own program which depends on the output
  128 results above commands, you need to support null instead of “null” string.</p>
  129 <p>This release has supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--normalizer</span></code> option, but there is
  130 side effect for this feature. If you open old version of groonga
  131 database at least once, you can not open its database by old
  132 version of groonga.</p>
  133 <p>There is also another backward incompatible change agaist plugin API for
  134 tokenizer. The argument of <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_tokenizer_query_open</span></code> API has changed.
  135 This API change affects developer of tokenizer plugin.</p>
  136 </div>
  137 <div class="section" id="id2">
  138 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id2" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  139 <ul class="simple">
  140 <li><p>[doc] Added documentation about <a class="reference internal" href="../tutorial/match_columns.html#nested-index-search"><span class="std std-ref">Nested index search among related table by column index</span></a>.</p></li>
  141 <li><p>Supported the expression as <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/functions/snippet_html.html"><span class="doc">snippet_html</span></a> arguments.
  142 This change enables you to use <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">snippet_html(&quot;STRING&quot;</span> <span class="pre">+</span> <span class="pre">&quot;STRING&quot;)</span></code> for example.
  143 You can specify column name or literal for “STRING”. [Reported by Tomoatsu Shimada]</p></li>
  144 <li><p>Supported to create own normalizer as a plugin.</p></li>
  145 <li><p>Moved <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga-query-log-analyzer</span></code> as
  146 <a class="reference external" href="http://rubygems.org/gems/groonga-query-log">groonga-query-log</a> RubyGems.
  147 It enables you to analyze query logs without installing groonga package.</p></li>
  148 <li><p>Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--normalizer</span></code> option for <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/commands/table_create.html"><span class="doc">table_create</span></a> command.
  149 This change enables you to specify normalizer plugin.</p></li>
  150 <li><p>Changed “null” string to null value as meaning for “No Object”.
  151 This is backward incompatible change and affects output results of introspection
  152 related commands such as <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">table_list</span></code> and <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">column_list</span></code>.</p></li>
  153 <li><p>Added a flag which controls behavior about normalizer as the last argument
  154 of <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_tokenizer_query_open</span></code> API.</p></li>
  155 <li><p>Supported continuous line in <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/executables/groonga.html#command-list-with-continuous-line"><span class="std std-ref">Command</span></a> list.</p></li>
  156 <li><p>Improved to support not only no key table, but also hash table, patricia trie
  157 and double array trie for <a class="reference internal" href="../tutorial/match_columns.html#nested-index-search"><span class="std std-ref">Nested index search among related table by column index</span></a>.</p></li>
  158 </ul>
  159 </div>
  160 <div class="section" id="id3">
  161 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id3" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  162 <ul class="simple">
  163 <li><p>[windows] Added missing <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">O_BINARY</span></code> flag to open file correctly.
  164 This change fixes the infinite loop problem about groonga HTTP server.
  165 [GitHub#47] [Patch by Shimomura Tatsuya]</p></li>
  166 <li><p>Fixed a bug that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--default-match-escalation-threshold</span></code> doesn’t
  167 accept negative value to disable functionality that is used on
  168 <a class="reference internal" href="../spec/search.html"><span class="doc">検索</span></a>.  This fix enable you to disable search
  169 escalation.  see <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/executables/groonga.html#cmdoption-groonga-default-match-escalation-threshold"><code class="xref std std-option docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga</span>
  170 <span class="pre">--default-match-escalation-threshold</span></code></a> about details.</p></li>
  171 <li><p>Fixed a bug that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">_score</span></code> after “*” is ignored in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--output_columns</span></code>.</p></li>
  172 </ul>
  173 </div>
  174 <div class="section" id="id4">
  175 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id4" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  176 <ul class="simple">
  177 <li><p>Tomoatsu Shimada</p></li>
  178 <li><p>Shimomura Tatsuya</p></li>
  179 </ul>
  180 </div>
  181 </div>
  182 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-9-2012-11-29">
  183 <span id="release-2-0-9"></span><h2>Release 2.0.9 - 2012-11-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-9-2012-11-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  184 <div class="section" id="id5">
  185 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id5" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  186 <ul class="simple">
  187 <li><p>Supported to calculate the value of distance accross border
  188 in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">geo_distance</span></code> with <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">rectangle</span></code> as approximate type. [#1534]</p></li>
  189 <li><p>[doc] Added the <a class="reference internal" href="../spec/gqtp.html"><span class="doc">GQTP</span></a> specification.</p></li>
  190 <li><p>Improved to ignore non critical <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">getaddrinfo()</span></code> error which groonga command emits on startup.
  191 This change does not affects nomal use of groonga because it just checked whether default hostname
  192 is resolved in previous version.</p></li>
  193 <li><p>[experimental] Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">snippet_html()</span></code> function which extract keyword and surrounding text.
  194 See <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/functions/snippet_html.html"><span class="doc">snippet_html</span></a> about details.</p></li>
  195 <li><p>Supported to report error reason when error occured during reading table record.</p></li>
  196 <li><p>Supported to search with keyword by nested index notation ( concatinate multiple
  197 indexed column name with dot character ) if there is a relationship between
  198 multiple table with index.</p></li>
  199 <li><p>Supported to log “[tokenizer][mecab]” tag when using <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">TokenMecab</span></code> tokenizer.</p></li>
  200 <li><p>Supported to log “[tokenizer][kytea]” tag when using <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">TokenKyTea</span></code> tokenizer.</p></li>
  201 <li><p>Improved to use separated array for command error location as output results.
  202 This change is incompatibility change, but does not affects existing program.</p></li>
  203 <li><p>Added documentation for <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/command/output_format.html"><span class="doc">Output format</span></a>.</p></li>
  204 <li><p>Added documentation for <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/command/return_code.html"><span class="doc">Return code</span></a> of output results.</p></li>
  205 <li><p>Supported range search by using index.</p></li>
  206 </ul>
  207 </div>
  208 <div class="section" id="id6">
  209 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id6" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  210 <ul class="simple">
  211 <li><p>Fixed to use network byte order for status code of <a class="reference internal" href="../spec/gqtp.html#gqtp-header-spec"><span class="std std-ref">GQTP header</span></a> to follow
  212 the normal network protocol convention.
  213 This change affects that groonga &lt;= 2.0.8 client which connects to groonga server 2.0.9
  214 or later can not show status code properly when command failed.</p></li>
  215 <li><p>Fixed a bug that UTF-8 normalization computes wrong offset which affects to return value
  216 of <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">snippet_html()</span></code>. This change not to insert tag of snippet into invalid location.
  217 [#1531] [Reported by Tomoatsu Shimada]</p></li>
  218 <li><p>[windows] Fixed over allocated memory access which cause segmentation fault
  219 on startup by groonga command. [#1532] [Patch by Akio Tajima]</p></li>
  220 <li><p>[windows] Fixed a bug that data stored in column couldn’t be read when total amount of data
  221 stored in column exceeds 128MB. [groonga-dev,01088] [Reported by ongaeshi]</p></li>
  222 <li><p>Fixed a bug that searching with indexed column for <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">Int*</span></code> and <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">UInt*</span></code>
  223 except <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">Int32/Uint32</span></code> returns invalid results.</p></li>
  224 <li><p>Fixed a bug that deleting record can be found.</p></li>
  225 <li><p>Fixed a bug that latin1 and koi8r normalizations could not process all string data
  226 if given string contains NULL character on the way.</p></li>
  227 <li><p>Fixed to return the correct default value of type when no data stored in column is
  228 referenced by <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">select</span></code> command.</p></li>
  229 <li><p>Fixed to exclude the value of vector column metadata in <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/indexing.html#offline-index-construction"><span class="std std-ref">Offline index construction</span></a>.
  230 This change not to contain such a metadata as search results.</p></li>
  231 </ul>
  232 </div>
  233 <div class="section" id="id7">
  234 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id7" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  235 <ul class="simple">
  236 <li><p>Tomoatsu Shimada</p></li>
  237 <li><p>Akio Tajima</p></li>
  238 <li><p>ongaeshi</p></li>
  239 </ul>
  240 </div>
  241 </div>
  242 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-8-2012-10-29">
  243 <span id="release-2-0-8"></span><h2>Release 2.0.8 - 2012-10-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-8-2012-10-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  244 <div class="section" id="id8">
  245 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id8" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  246 <ul class="simple">
  247 <li><p>[rpm] Improved the description of server-http and httpd packages.
  248 [Suggested by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  249 <li><p>Supported custom query expansion by plugin.</p></li>
  250 <li><p>[experimental] Added query expander <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">QueryExpanderTSV</span></code> plugin.</p></li>
  251 <li><p>Supported Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal</p></li>
  252 <li><p>[experimental] Supported function call in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">output_columns</span></code>.</p></li>
  253 <li><p>[doc][rpm] Add missing description about installing MeCab dictionary.
  254 [Reported by serihiro]</p></li>
  255 </ul>
  256 </div>
  257 <div class="section" id="id9">
  258 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id9" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  259 <ul class="simple">
  260 <li><p>[rpm] Fixed to remove needless “Requires” from spec file.
  261 [Reported by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  262 <li><p>[rpm] Fixed inaccurate description about license of groonga-server-gqtp.</p></li>
  263 <li><p>[admin] Fixed record edit button shows wrong record. [GitHub#34]
  264 [Reported by firewood]</p></li>
  265 <li><p>[deb] Fixed to remove needless dependency to pcre.</p></li>
  266 <li><p>[deb] Fixed to bundle missing table plugin.</p></li>
  267 </ul>
  268 </div>
  269 <div class="section" id="id10">
  270 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id10" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  271 <ul class="simple">
  272 <li><p>Daiki Ueno</p></li>
  273 <li><p>firewood</p></li>
  274 <li><p>serihiro</p></li>
  275 </ul>
  276 </div>
  277 </div>
  278 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-7-2012-09-29">
  279 <span id="release-2-0-7"></span><h2>Release 2.0.7 - 2012-09-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-7-2012-09-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  280 <div class="section" id="id11">
  281 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id11" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  282 <ul class="simple">
  283 <li><p>[doc] Added more descriptions about <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--query_flags</span></code>.</p></li>
  284 <li><p>[doc][httpd] Added sample configuration for gzip compression.</p></li>
  285 <li><p>[httpd][rpm][centos] Added groonga-httpd init script.</p></li>
  286 <li><p>[rpm] Added logrotate config files.</p></li>
  287 <li><p>Supported creating database during install process.</p></li>
  288 <li><p>[httpd] Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga_database_auto_create</span></code> directive.</p></li>
  289 <li><p>Supported score respected merge by set operation. [GitHub#31]</p></li>
  290 <li><p>[httpd] Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">load</span></code> command by POST.</p></li>
  291 <li><p>Added error check for creating temporary result set. [GitHub#33]</p></li>
  292 <li><p>Added GQTP server package.</p></li>
  293 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">max()</span></code> function.</p></li>
  294 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">min()</span></code> function.</p></li>
  295 </ul>
  296 </div>
  297 <div class="section" id="id12">
  298 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id12" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  299 <ul class="simple">
  300 <li><p>Fixed to set domain to vector elements to <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">load</span></code> command. [GitHub#30]</p></li>
  301 <li><p>[httpd] Fixed missing NULL initialization. [Reported by &#64;Kiske]</p></li>
  302 <li><p>[httpd] Fixed missing size about <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">content_type_len</span></code>.</p></li>
  303 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Fixed to use <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--bind-address</span></code> in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga.service</span></code>.</p></li>
  304 <li><p>Fixed crash by invalid argument filter. [GitHub#32]</p></li>
  305 <li><p>Fixed a bug that Time -&gt; Time cast breaks value.</p></li>
  306 <li><p>Fixed a bug that Time -&gt; Float cast breaks value.</p></li>
  307 </ul>
  308 </div>
  309 <div class="section" id="id13">
  310 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id13" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  311 <ul class="simple">
  312 <li><p>&#64;Kiske</p></li>
  313 </ul>
  314 </div>
  315 </div>
  316 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-6-2012-08-29">
  317 <span id="release-2-0-6"></span><h2>Release 2.0.6 - 2012-08-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-6-2012-08-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  318 <div class="section" id="id14">
  319 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id14" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  320 <ul class="simple">
  321 <li><p>[deb][rpm] Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga-server-common</span></code> meta package. [#1451]</p></li>
  322 <li><p>Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--query_flags</span></code> option to <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">select</span></code> command.</p></li>
  323 <li><p>Supported PCRE auto detection for groonga-httpd.</p></li>
  324 <li><p>[doc] Added information about Twitter and Facebook.</p></li>
  325 <li><p>Improved to show error message from MeCab on <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">mecab_new2()</span></code> failure.</p></li>
  326 <li><p>[doc] Added details about groonga for server use.</p></li>
  327 <li><p>Improved to log details about <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">vm.overcommit_memory</span></code>.</p></li>
  328 <li><p>Supported custom selector definition.</p></li>
  329 <li><p>Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--working-directory</span></code> option for groonga.</p></li>
  330 <li><p>Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">dump</span></code> command for groonga-httpd.</p></li>
  331 <li><p>Improved to show not found target name for <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">clearlock</span></code> command.</p></li>
  332 <li><p>Improved error messages about <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">get</span></code> command implemented by table plugin.</p></li>
  333 <li><p>[rpm][centos] Supported MeCab 0.994. [#1455]
  334 [Suggested by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  335 <li><p>Supported changing default logger’s max level before <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_init()</span></code>.</p></li>
  336 <li><p>Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">all_records()</span></code> function which copies all record IDs to the result table.</p></li>
  337 <li><p>Supported ‘-WORD’ in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--query</span></code> of the select command.</p></li>
  338 </ul>
  339 </div>
  340 <div class="section" id="id15">
  341 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id15" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  342 <ul class="simple">
  343 <li><p>[doc] Fixed the execution examples. [#1428]
  344 [Reported by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  345 <li><p>[deb] Fixed not to force groonga user/group by init script for groonga-httpd.</p></li>
  346 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Fixed missing stop parameter for groonga-httpd service.</p></li>
  347 <li><p>Fixed a bug that the last 1 byte for cache key is ignored by <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">select</span></code> command.</p></li>
  348 <li><p>Fixed detection of the number of arguments in the complex function call.</p></li>
  349 <li><p>Fixed to suppress a warning by Clang.</p></li>
  350 <li><p>Fixed backward incompatibility about missing <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">add</span></code> command related error
  351 by executing <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">clearlock</span></code> command.</p></li>
  352 <li><p>[windows] Fixed database open failure which is related to binary data.
  353 [Reported by &#64;yito]</p></li>
  354 </ul>
  355 </div>
  356 <div class="section" id="id16">
  357 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id16" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  358 <ul class="simple">
  359 <li><p>IWAI, Masaharu</p></li>
  360 <li><p>&#64;yito</p></li>
  361 </ul>
  362 </div>
  363 </div>
  364 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-5-2012-07-29">
  365 <span id="release-2-0-5"></span><h2>Release 2.0.5 - 2012-07-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-5-2012-07-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  366 <div class="section" id="id17">
  367 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id17" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  368 <ul class="simple">
  369 <li><p>Supported calculating the value of distance with “rect” or “rectangle”
  370 argument in southern hemisphere. [#1418] [#1419] [#1420] [#1421]</p></li>
  371 <li><p>[doc] Added some literals description in script syntax.</p></li>
  372 <li><p>Supported other directory build for groonga-suggest and groonga-httpd.</p></li>
  373 <li><p>Supported “;” as a query parameter separator. [#1406]
  374 [Suggested by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  375 <li><p>[doc] Added descriptions about script syntax.</p></li>
  376 <li><p>Supported near search by <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">'column</span> <span class="pre">*N</span> <span class="pre">&quot;word1</span> <span class="pre">word2</span> <span class="pre">...&quot;'</span></code> in script syntax.
  377 [#1423]</p></li>
  378 <li><p>[doc] Added a description about limitation of suffix search.</p></li>
  379 <li><p>Supported near search for <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">_key</span></code> pseudo column. [GitHub#19]</p></li>
  380 <li><p>[doc] Added basic ECMAScript related syntaxes.</p></li>
  381 <li><p>[doc] Updated a description about <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/functions/geo_distance.html"><span class="doc">geo_distance</span></a>.</p></li>
  382 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Supported Fedora 17.</p></li>
  383 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Dropped Fedora 16 support.</p></li>
  384 <li><p>Supported logical not <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">&quot;!&quot;</span></code> operator. [GitHub#22]</p></li>
  385 <li><p>[httpd] Supported per location groonga database.</p></li>
  386 <li><p>Improved to return error messages while load command is processing.</p></li>
  387 <li><p>Improved to exit load command when an uncontinuable error occurred.</p></li>
  388 <li><p>Improved to stop load command for invalid –columns value.</p></li>
  389 <li><p>Supported to open locked database. [GitHub#21]</p></li>
  390 </ul>
  391 </div>
  392 <div class="section" id="id18">
  393 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id18" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  394 <ul class="simple">
  395 <li><p>Fixed a build problem about groonga-httpd on Mac OS X.
  396 [Reported by SHIMADA Koji]</p></li>
  397 <li><p>Fixed not to use installed groonga’s header files for groonga-httpd.</p></li>
  398 <li><p>Fixed a build problem about groonga on Mac OS X Lion.</p></li>
  399 <li><p>[doc] Fixed a description of <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/commands/table_remove.html"><span class="doc">table_remove</span></a> command.</p></li>
  400 <li><p>Fixed infinite loop problem for not implemented operator without index.
  401 [GitHub#20]</p></li>
  402 <li><p>Fixed a wrong error code which causes memory leaks.</p></li>
  403 <li><p>Fixed a wrong error code which collapse ja columns.</p></li>
  404 <li><p>[admin] Fixed to escape error message.</p></li>
  405 <li><p>Fixed to ignore unloadable objects which causes database incompatible.
  406 [#1429] [Reported by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  407 </ul>
  408 </div>
  409 <div class="section" id="id19">
  410 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id19" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  411 <ul class="simple">
  412 <li><p>SHIMADA Koji</p></li>
  413 <li><p>IWAI, Masaharu</p></li>
  414 </ul>
  415 </div>
  416 </div>
  417 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-4-2012-06-29">
  418 <span id="release-2-0-4"></span><h2>Release 2.0.4 - 2012-06-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-4-2012-06-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  419 <div class="section" id="id20">
  420 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id20" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  421 <ul class="simple">
  422 <li><p>Supported only KyTea 0.4.2.</p></li>
  423 <li><p>Dropped KyTea 0.4.1 or ealier support.</p></li>
  424 <li><p>[experimental] Supported nginx based groonga HTTP interface.</p></li>
  425 <li><p>Supported calculating the value of distance with “rect” or “rectangle”
  426 argument in northern hemisphere. [#1386] [#1387] [#1388] [#1389]</p></li>
  427 <li><p>[doc] Added a document about <a class="reference internal" href="../development/travis-ci.html"><span class="doc">Travis CI</span></a> integration.</p></li>
  428 <li><p>[doc] Added descriptions about full text search and phrase search.
  429 See <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-full-text-search-condition"><span class="std std-ref">Full text search condition</span></a> and
  430 <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-phrase-search-condition"><span class="std std-ref">Phrase search condition</span></a> about detail.</p></li>
  431 <li><p>[doc] Added descriptions about comparison conditions.  See
  432 <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-conditional-expression"><span class="std std-ref">Conditional expression</span></a> about detail.</p></li>
  433 <li><p>[doc] Added examples for <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html"><span class="doc">Query syntax</span></a>.</p></li>
  434 <li><p>[doc] Added descriptions about
  435 <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-combined-expression"><span class="std std-ref">Combined expression</span></a>.</p></li>
  436 <li><p>[doc] Added descriptions about
  437 <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-prefix-search-condition"><span class="std std-ref">Prefix search condition</span></a> and
  438 <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr/query_syntax.html#query-syntax-suffix-search-condition"><span class="std std-ref">Suffix search condition</span></a>.</p></li>
  439 <li><p>Supported suffix search by index.</p></li>
  440 <li><p>[doc] Added a document about <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/grn_expr.html"><span class="doc">grn_expr</span></a>.</p></li>
  441 <li><p>[munin] Supported JSON library installed by RubyGems [GitHub#17]
  442 [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  443 <li><p>[doc] Updated the description of how to specify a value as Time in tutorial.
  444 [#1405] [Reported by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  445 <li><p>[rpm] Removed groonga-tokenizer-mecab dependency from groonga package.
  446 [GitHub#18] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  447 </ul>
  448 </div>
  449 <div class="section" id="id21">
  450 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id21" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  451 <ul class="simple">
  452 <li><p>Fixed a problem that display of command prompt changes to not intended state
  453 by using batch mode on Mac OS X.
  454 [Reported by &#64;soundkitchen]</p></li>
  455 <li><p>Fixed not to terminate after an invalid command in client mode. [#1305]</p></li>
  456 <li><p>Fixed a problem that ‘=R’ is treated as ‘OR’ in <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--query</span></code> syntax. [#1393]</p></li>
  457 </ul>
  458 </div>
  459 <div class="section" id="id22">
  460 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id22" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  461 <ul class="simple">
  462 <li><p>&#64;soundkitchen</p></li>
  463 <li><p>IWAI, Masaharu</p></li>
  464 </ul>
  465 </div>
  466 </div>
  467 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-3-2012-05-29">
  468 <span id="release-2-0-3"></span><h2>Release 2.0.3 - 2012-05-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-3-2012-05-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  469 <div class="section" id="id23">
  470 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id23" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  471 <ul class="simple">
  472 <li><p>[doc] Added about release procedure.</p></li>
  473 <li><p>Removed restriction that the max number of opened files is 4096.</p></li>
  474 <li><p>[experimental] Added table plugin.</p></li>
  475 <li><p>[doc] Added more descriptions about <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/commands/select.html"><span class="doc">select</span></a> command.</p></li>
  476 <li><p>[doc] Made execution example copy &amp; paste friendly.</p></li>
  477 <li><p>[windows] Supported build with Visual Studio 2010 Express and
  478 CMake. See <a class="reference internal" href="../install/windows.html"><span class="doc">Windows</span></a> about details.</p></li>
  479 <li><p>[doc][solaris] Added a document about building on Solaris.
  480 See <a class="reference internal" href="../install/solaris.html"><span class="doc">Oracle Solaris</span></a> about details.</p></li>
  481 <li><p>[doc][yum] Updated epel-release package version.
  482 [Reported by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  483 <li><p>[doc][cenos6] Disabled Repoforge for Munin for CentOS 6.
  484 [Reported by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  485 <li><p>Started distributing source archive in zip format.</p></li>
  486 <li><p>[munin] groonga_dist Munin plugin supported an object that has
  487 separated files.</p></li>
  488 <li><p>Started using Travis CI.</p></li>
  489 <li><p>[yum] Changed RPM package name that provides yum repository from
  490 groonga-repository to groonga-release to follow RPM package name
  491 convension such as centos-release and fedora-release.</p></li>
  492 </ul>
  493 </div>
  494 <div class="section" id="id24">
  495 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id24" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  496 <ul class="simple">
  497 <li><p>[doc] Fixed a command to update yum repository.
  498 [Suggested by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  499 <li><p>[deb] Fixed a bug that log_repoen command in logrotate uses wrong protocol.</p></li>
  500 <li><p>Fixed broken ERROR tag in XML response.
  501 [#1363] [GitHub#13] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  502 <li><p>Fixed a bug that grn_ctx isn’t fully cleared by grn_ctx_fin().</p></li>
  503 <li><p>Fixed a bug that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">&amp;!</span></code> set operation doesn’t work with grouped
  504 expression. [#1372]</p></li>
  505 <li><p>Fixed a bug that a record key registered via index source isn’t normalized.</p></li>
  506 </ul>
  507 </div>
  508 <div class="section" id="id25">
  509 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id25" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  510 <ul class="simple">
  511 <li><p>IWAI, Masaharu</p></li>
  512 </ul>
  513 </div>
  514 </div>
  515 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-2-2012-04-29">
  516 <span id="release-2-0-2"></span><h2>Release 2.0.2 - 2012-04-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-2-2012-04-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  517 <div class="admonition caution">
  518 <p class="admonition-title">Caution</p>
  519 <p>The package sign key is changed since this release. Import the new
  520 package sign key before updating groonga packages.</p>
  521 <p>Debian/Ubuntu:</p>
  522 <div class="highlight-none notranslate"><div class="highlight"><pre><span></span>% sudo apt-get update
  523 % sudo apt-get -y --allow-unauthenticated install groonga-keyring
  524 </pre></div>
  525 </div>
  526 <p>CentOS/Fedora:</p>
  527 <div class="highlight-none notranslate"><div class="highlight"><pre><span></span>% sudo yum makecache
  528 % sudo yum install --nogpgcheck -y groonga-repository
  529 </pre></div>
  530 </div>
  531 </div>
  532 <div class="section" id="id26">
  533 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id26" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  534 <ul class="simple">
  535 <li><p>[pkg-config] Removed needless MessagePack dependency.</p></li>
  536 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Supported libedit. [#1325] [Suggested by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  537 <li><p>[rpm] Supported zlib and LZO. [#1324] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  538 <li><p>[groonga] Improved daemoinzed timing. Groonga server daemonizes
  539 after socket is listened. It means that groonga server is ready when
  540 groonga server is daemonized. [#1326]</p></li>
  541 <li><p>[admin] Supported suggest in groonga administration page.</p></li>
  542 <li><p>[dump] Ignored MeCab tokenizer load error.</p></li>
  543 <li><p>Supported CMake.</p></li>
  544 <li><p>[load] Supported error report when a column value can’t be set.</p></li>
  545 <li><p>Supported similar search. <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">select</span> <span class="pre">--filter</span> <span class="pre">&quot;column</span> <span class="pre">*S</span> <span class="pre">'TEXT'&quot;</span></code>
  546 is the similar search syntax. [#1342]</p></li>
  547 <li><p>[apt][yum] Changed package sign key.</p></li>
  548 <li><p>Supported Ubuntu Precise Pangolin.</p></li>
  549 <li><p>[apt] Added a new groonga-keyring deb package for the groonga’s
  550 package sign key.</p></li>
  551 </ul>
  552 </div>
  553 <div class="section" id="id27">
  554 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id27" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  555 <ul class="simple">
  556 <li><p>[deb][rpm] Used <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--bind-address</span></code> option instead of deprecated
  557 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--address</span></code> option.
  558 [#1320] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  559 <li><p>[deb] Renamed groonga-server package’s configuration file to
  560 /etc/default/groonga-server from /etc/default/groonga.</p></li>
  561 <li><p>[rpm][fedora] Fixed upgrade condition in %post server.
  562 [GitHub#11] [Patch by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  563 <li><p>[rpm] Removed needless change logs. [#1328] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  564 <li><p>[deb][rpm] Added missing curl dependency.
  565 [GitHub#12] [Patch by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  566 <li><p>[rpm] Removed needleess ruby package dependency from groonga package.
  567 [#1330] [Suggested by IWAI, Masaharu]</p></li>
  568 <li><p>[deb] Added missing default values to groonga-server’s
  569 configuration file.</p></li>
  570 <li><p>Fixed a crash bug that is caused when searching with updaging very large
  571 inverted index. [#1329]</p></li>
  572 <li><p>Fixed a bug that strings are compared as characters instead of byte string.
  573 [#1340] [Reported by Shinya Kawaji]</p></li>
  574 </ul>
  575 </div>
  576 <div class="section" id="id28">
  577 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id28" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  578 <ul class="simple">
  579 <li><p>IWAI, Masaharu</p></li>
  580 <li><p>Daiki Ueno</p></li>
  581 <li><p>Shinya Kawaji</p></li>
  582 </ul>
  583 </div>
  584 </div>
  585 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-1-2012-03-29">
  586 <span id="release-2-0-1"></span><h2>Release 2.0.1 - 2012-03-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-1-2012-03-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  587 <div class="section" id="id29">
  588 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  589 <ul class="simple">
  590 <li><p>Supported build in other directory.
  591 [#1298] [Reported by Kazuhiko]</p></li>
  592 <li><p>[solaris] Supported build on Solaris 11. [Reported by Kazuhiko]</p></li>
  593 <li><p>[test] Supported functional test.</p></li>
  594 <li><p>[test] Required <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--with-ruby19</span></code> configure option for testing by Ruby.</p></li>
  595 <li><p>[dump] Supported records dump for a table that has default tokenizer.</p></li>
  596 <li><p>[suggest] Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">similar_search</span></code> option.</p></li>
  597 <li><p>[groonga] Removed deprecated options, <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">-a</span></code>, <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--address</span></code> and
  598 <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--admin-html-path</span></code>.</p></li>
  599 <li><p>Added more return value checks. [GitHub#9] [Reported by Markus Elfring]</p></li>
  600 <li><p>[dat] Supported term extract operation.</p></li>
  601 <li><p>Added <a class="reference external" href="http://groonga.org/logo/">logos</a> .</p></li>
  602 <li><p>Updated HTML design.</p></li>
  603 <li><p>Renamed <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grntest</span></code> to <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">groonga-benchmark</span></code>.</p></li>
  604 <li><p>Supported <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">autogen.sh</span></code> on CentOS 5.</p></li>
  605 <li><p>[linux] Added <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">vm.overcommit_memory</span></code> kernel parameter value
  606 check. [#1289]</p></li>
  607 <li><p><code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_snip</span></code> uses <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">grn_obj</span></code> mechanism. [#1054]</p></li>
  608 </ul>
  609 </div>
  610 <div class="section" id="id30">
  611 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id30" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  612 <ul class="simple">
  613 <li><p>Fixed a bug that uninstall task doesn’t uninstall installed Ruby
  614 scripts. [#1299] [Reported by Kazuhiko]</p></li>
  615 <li><p>Added a missing Gemfile. [#1302] [Reported by Kazuhiko]</p></li>
  616 <li><p>Fixed a bug that some indexed records aren’t found. The feature is
  617 only used by mroonga. [#1303]</p></li>
  618 <li><p>[groonga] Appended missing <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">-id</span></code> to <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">--server-id</span></code> option name.</p></li>
  619 <li><p>Fixed a bug that latin1 normalization may access unexpected memory.</p></li>
  620 </ul>
  621 </div>
  622 <div class="section" id="id31">
  623 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id31" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  624 <ul class="simple">
  625 <li><p>Kazuhiko</p></li>
  626 <li><p>Markus Elfring</p></li>
  627 </ul>
  628 </div>
  629 </div>
  630 <div class="section" id="release-2-0-0-2012-02-29">
  631 <span id="release-2-0-0"></span><h2>Release 2.0.0 - 2012-02-29<a class="headerlink" href="#release-2-0-0-2012-02-29" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h2>
  632 <div class="section" id="id32">
  633 <h3>Improvements<a class="headerlink" href="#id32" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  634 <ul class="simple">
  635 <li><p>[dat] Added 0 length key check.</p></li>
  636 <li><p>[windows] Added missing GCC related DLLs. [groonga-dev,00686]
  637 [Reported by Suzuki]</p></li>
  638 <li><p>[php] Supported PHP 5.4. [Patch by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  639 <li><p>Updated FSF address. [Suggested by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  640 <li><p>[fedora] Supported systemd. [Patch by Daiki Ueno]</p></li>
  641 <li><p>[rpm][debian] Changed the default protocol to HTTP from gqtp.</p></li>
  642 <li><p>[rpm][centos] Supported status command.</p></li>
  643 <li><p>Removed needless <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">:</span></code> from log message.</p></li>
  644 <li><p>Removed deprecated grn_query. [#1247]</p></li>
  645 <li><p>Reduced needless grn_ctx_at() calls on creating table.</p></li>
  646 <li><p>[pat] Supported cache.</p></li>
  647 <li><p>[tokenizer] Improved tokenizer API.</p></li>
  648 <li><p>Accepted <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">&#64;</span></code> as a valid name character.</p></li>
  649 <li><p>[tokenizer] Added a tokenizer based on
  650 <a class="reference external" href="http://www.phontron.com/kytea/">KyTea</a>.</p></li>
  651 <li><p>Supported <a class="reference internal" href="../reference/indexing.html"><span class="doc">offline index construction</span></a>.</p></li>
  652 <li><p>[tokenizer] Supported MeCab 0.993. [groonga-dev,00703]
  653 [Reported by Masaharu YOSHIOKA]</p></li>
  654 <li><p>[windows] Supported MessagePack.</p></li>
  655 </ul>
  656 </div>
  657 <div class="section" id="id33">
  658 <h3>Fixes<a class="headerlink" href="#id33" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  659 <ul class="simple">
  660 <li><p>[pat] Fixed a bug that the last node can’t be found. [#1258]</p></li>
  661 <li><p>[doc] Fixed links in Japanese page. [Reported by &#64;naoina]</p></li>
  662 <li><p>[doc] Fixed wrong the default value. [Reported by &#64;naoina]</p></li>
  663 <li><p>Fixed a typo. [Reported by Kazuhiko]</p></li>
  664 <li><p>[http] Fixed a bug that <code class="docutils literal notranslate"><span class="pre">load</span></code> command error isn’t cleared.
  665 [Reported by &#64;wareohji]</p></li>
  666 </ul>
  667 </div>
  668 <div class="section" id="id34">
  669 <h3>Thanks<a class="headerlink" href="#id34" title="Permalink to this headline"></a></h3>
  670 <ul class="simple">
  671 <li><p>Suzuki</p></li>
  672 <li><p>Daiki Ueno</p></li>
  673 <li><p>&#64;naoina</p></li>
  674 <li><p>Kazuhiko</p></li>
  675 <li><p>Masaharu YOSHIOKA</p></li>
  676 <li><p>&#64;wareohji</p></li>
  677 </ul>
  678 </div>
  679 </div>
  680 </div>
  683             <div class="clearer"></div>
  684           </div>
  685         </div>
  686       </div>
  687       <div class="sphinxsidebar" role="navigation" aria-label="main navigation">
  688         <div class="sphinxsidebarwrapper">
  689   <h3><a href="../index.html">Table of Contents</a></h3>
  690   <ul>
  691 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#">News - 2.x</a><ul>
  692 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-1-2-2013-01-29">Release 2.1.2 - 2013-01-29</a><ul>
  693 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#improvements">Improvements</a></li>
  694 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#fixes">Fixes</a></li>
  695 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#thanks">Thanks</a></li>
  696 </ul>
  697 </li>
  698 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-1-1-2012-12-29">Release 2.1.1 - 2012-12-29</a><ul>
  699 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id1">Fixes</a></li>
  700 </ul>
  701 </li>
  702 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-1-0-2012-12-29">Release 2.1.0 - 2012-12-29</a><ul>
  703 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id2">Improvements</a></li>
  704 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id3">Fixes</a></li>
  705 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id4">Thanks</a></li>
  706 </ul>
  707 </li>
  708 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-9-2012-11-29">Release 2.0.9 - 2012-11-29</a><ul>
  709 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id5">Improvements</a></li>
  710 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id6">Fixes</a></li>
  711 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id7">Thanks</a></li>
  712 </ul>
  713 </li>
  714 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-8-2012-10-29">Release 2.0.8 - 2012-10-29</a><ul>
  715 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id8">Improvements</a></li>
  716 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id9">Fixes</a></li>
  717 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id10">Thanks</a></li>
  718 </ul>
  719 </li>
  720 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-7-2012-09-29">Release 2.0.7 - 2012-09-29</a><ul>
  721 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id11">Improvements</a></li>
  722 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id12">Fixes</a></li>
  723 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id13">Thanks</a></li>
  724 </ul>
  725 </li>
  726 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-6-2012-08-29">Release 2.0.6 - 2012-08-29</a><ul>
  727 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id14">Improvements</a></li>
  728 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id15">Fixes</a></li>
  729 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id16">Thanks</a></li>
  730 </ul>
  731 </li>
  732 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-5-2012-07-29">Release 2.0.5 - 2012-07-29</a><ul>
  733 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id17">Improvements</a></li>
  734 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id18">Fixes</a></li>
  735 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id19">Thanks</a></li>
  736 </ul>
  737 </li>
  738 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-4-2012-06-29">Release 2.0.4 - 2012-06-29</a><ul>
  739 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id20">Improvements</a></li>
  740 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id21">Fixes</a></li>
  741 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id22">Thanks</a></li>
  742 </ul>
  743 </li>
  744 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-3-2012-05-29">Release 2.0.3 - 2012-05-29</a><ul>
  745 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id23">Improvements</a></li>
  746 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id24">Fixes</a></li>
  747 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id25">Thanks</a></li>
  748 </ul>
  749 </li>
  750 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-2-2012-04-29">Release 2.0.2 - 2012-04-29</a><ul>
  751 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id26">Improvements</a></li>
  752 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id27">Fixes</a></li>
  753 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id28">Thanks</a></li>
  754 </ul>
  755 </li>
  756 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-1-2012-03-29">Release 2.0.1 - 2012-03-29</a><ul>
  757 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id29">Improvements</a></li>
  758 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id30">Fixes</a></li>
  759 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id31">Thanks</a></li>
  760 </ul>
  761 </li>
  762 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#release-2-0-0-2012-02-29">Release 2.0.0 - 2012-02-29</a><ul>
  763 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id32">Improvements</a></li>
  764 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id33">Fixes</a></li>
  765 <li><a class="reference internal" href="#id34">Thanks</a></li>
  766 </ul>
  767 </li>
  768 </ul>
  769 </li>
  770 </ul>
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  790           <a href="../genindex.html" title="General Index"
  791              >index</a></li>
  792         <li class="nav-item nav-item-0"><a href="../index.html">Groonga v10.0.8 documentation</a> &#187;</li>
  793         <li class="nav-item nav-item-this"><a href="">News - 2.x</a></li> 
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