News - 1.3.x#

Release 1.3.0 - 2012-01-29#


  • Supported dynamic DB key table change by GRN_DB_KEY=pat or GRN_DB_KEY=dat environment variable value.

  • Added --with-default-db-key configure option that specifies the default DB key table.

  • Supported “” value for geo point data types. It’s interpreted as “0x0”.

  • Added column name to cast error message.

  • Inhibit file information for stdin on load error.

  • Enabled write-strings warnings and suppress those warnings. [Suggested by montywi]

  • Marked MessagePack output format as supported. [#1215]

  • Added const to void * of *_set_value().

  • Enabled warning flags on C and C++.

  • Supported --with-libevent without value configure option.

  • grn_table_get() supported grn_db. [#1242]

  • [rpm] Removed needless groonga-munin-plugins dependency from groonga-server. [#1251] [Suggested by Masaharu IWAI]

  • [rpm] Removed needless groonga-doc dependency from groonga. [#1251] [Suggested by Masaharu IWAI]

  • [dat] Supported repair by grn_dat_repair().

  • grn_table_at() supported grn_db.

  • [suggest] Removed unstable mark.

  • [suggest][complete] Supported normalized value search in prefix-search.

  • Added experimental offline index build. It’s disabled by default for now. You can enable it by USE_OFFLINE_INDEXER=yes environment variable.

  • Added internal API grn_obj_path_by_id() for mroonga.

  • [suggest][httpd] Passed unknown parameters to groonga.

  • [output][xml] Added a newline before </RESULT> for readability.

  • [doc][output] Added documentation about output format type.

  • Added table_rename. [#1234]

  • Added column_rename. [#1234]


  • montywi

  • Masaharu IWAI