News - 1.2.x#

Release 1.2.9 - 2011-12-29#


  • Supported Fedora 16.

  • Dropped Fedora 15 support.

  • [groonga] Improved the default server ID address to work on unresolved host name environment. [Reported by @uzulla]

  • Supported MAP_HUGETLB.

  • [admin] Supported throughput chart.

  • Stopped adding nul character in grn_itoh(). [#1194] [Reported by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • Added grn_obj_get_values().

  • Added grn_obj_delete_by_id().

  • Supported string vector column for query expansion. [#1216]

  • Added --filter option to delete to delete many record at once. [#1225]

  • Supported approximate type customization for geo_in_circle and geo_distance. [#1226]

  • Made geo_distance2() and geo_distance3() are deprecated.

  • Changed to use null instead of "" for empty geo point value in JSON output.

  • Almost supported MessagePack output. [#1215] [Worked by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • Added missing newlines after drilldown result tags in XML output.

  • Supported truncate for grn_dat.

  • Supported longest common prefix search by grn_dat.


  • [windows] Fixed inverted map type.

  • Fixed -Wno- compiler flag detection. [Patch by Arnaud Fontaine]

  • Fixed a problem that groonga --version reports wrongly about MeCab. [#1209] [Patch by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • Added missing lock into grn_obj_remove().

  • Fixed Content-Type on error. [#1220] [Patch by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • Fixed a problem that deleting SIS (Semi Infinite String) may keep a garbage.


  • @uzulla

  • Arnaud Fontaine

  • SHIDARA Yoji

Release 1.2.8 - 2011-11-29#

Object, table and column renamings are supported! These features require database re-creation. You can re-create your database by the following command:

% groonga YOUR_DB dump > db.dump
% groonga -n YOUR_NEW_DB < db.dump


Groonga 1.2.8 can open databases created by groonga 1.2.7 or earlier. But groonga 1.2.7 or earlier can’t open databases created by groonga 1.2.8 or later.


  • [grntest] Removed the upper limit to the number of bytes in one line.

  • [grntest] Added --pid-path option.

  • [deb] Enabled experimental zlib and lzo support.

  • [rpm] Enabled experimental zlib and lzo support.

  • Supports truncation. [#892]

  • Enabled grn_dat that is a read lock free double array implementation.

  • [pkg-config] Added groonga_version variable to groonga.pc.

  • Re-supported --disable-static. [groonga-dev,00612] [Suggested by Kenichi Aramaki]

  • [munin] Stopped to install Munin plugins by default.

  • Stopped to install RedHat platform related files by default.

  • Supports object renaming. This requires DB re-creation. [#1167]

  • [munin] Added a Munin plugin that measures throughput. [#1171]

  • [geo] Improved geo_in_rectangle performance. The new implementation will be 2x faster than the old implementation in many cases. [#1173]

  • [macports] Moved groonga’s MacPorts to the official repository. [Imported by Hiroshi Umemoto]

  • [geo] Changed the geo literal degree-to-msec conversion algorithm to round-off from truncation.

  • Supports a table defrag. It defrags variable size value columns in the table. [#1175]

  • Removed associated path on remove. [#1180]

  • [deb] Supports i386.

  • [rpm] Supports i386.

  • [windows] Supports x86.


  • Fixed a bug that groonga crashes when accessing a zlib/lzo compressed column. Note that a compressed column access causes a memory leak. To resolve this, we need to improve API. We will do it in the future. [GtiHub#5][GtiHub#6] [Reported by Takayuki Yamaguchi]

  • Fixed a bug that unrelated column values are cleared in deletion.

  • Fixed a bug that a wrong index is used in sorting. [#766] [Reported by Horikoshi Yuki]

  • [libedit] Fixed a bug that necessary initialization is omitted. [GitHub#7] [Patch by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • [doc] Fixed a typo in documentation. [GitHub#8] [Patch by zunda]


  • Takayuki Yamaguchi

  • SHIDARA Yoji

  • Horikoshi Yuki

  • zunda

  • Hiroshi Umemoto

Release 1.2.7 - 2011-10-29#


  • [libedit] Added error check for wide character to multibyte sequence conversion. [Reported by SHIDARA Yoji]

  • Added grn_geo_estimate_in_rectangle().

  • Added cursor API to geo search in rectangle.

  • Improved geo search in rectangle speed.

  • Added packages for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

  • [experimental] Supported Oracle Solaris 10 8/11. (just buildable with system gcc.)


  • Fixed a typo in document. [Reported by @soundkitchen]


  • SHIDARA Yoji

  • @soundkitchen

Release 1.2.6 - 2011-09-29#


  • Improved error message on type cast.

  • Added geo point value validation on type cast.

  • Supported Query expansion.

  • Added –query_expansion option to select for query expansion.

  • Added geometry conversion macro between degree and msec.

  • Supported type cast in geo_distance ().

  • Don’t split tokens with full width space in command line. #986

  • Supported conversion between TokyoGeoPoint and WGS84GeoPoint.

  • Exported grn_geo_select_in_circle() and grn_geo_select_in_rectangle().

  • Supported CentOS 6.

  • Supported the current Debian GNU/Linux sid. Patch by SATOH Fumiyasu. GitHub#3


  • Fixed a bug that geo point is loaded as broken value.


  • SATOH Fumiyasu

Release 1.2.5 - 2011-08-29#


  • Added experimental Windows installer support.

  • Accepted “#” and “-” as a valid name characters. #1043

  • Accepted all valid characters except “_” as the first character. #1043

  • Supported –each for […] form load. #1044

  • Added documentation for Suggest.

  • Supported threshold as –frequency_threshold and –conditional_probability_threshold options in all suggest types. #1042

  • [groonga-suggest-httpd] Supported log reopen by SIGUSR1. #1048

  • Supported string input for reference vector column value. #1051

  • [groonga-suggest-httpd] Added –n-lines-per-log-file option that changes log line limitation for a file.

  • [groonga-suggest-httpd] Added p parameter for –conditional_probability_threshold.

  • Added GRN_CTX_PER_DB flag for grn_ctx_init() and grn_ctx_open(). #1053

  • Exported grn_ctx_close(). #1035


  • Fixed a crash bug that invalid value is passed as match expression argument in select. #1047

  • Fixed a bug that hash table cursor returns garbage records.

Release 1.2.4 - 2011-07-29#


  • Re-supported *BSD. (Reported by OBATA Akio)

  • Improved sed related portability. (Suggested by OBATA Akio)

  • Re-supported Visual C++ 2008.

  • Supported check for hash table.

  • Ignored invalid _score in –sortby of select for convenience. #1030

  • Added document about Log.

  • Supported ~/.editrc.

  • Supported ~/.groonga-history.


  • Fixed broken libedit support. (Reported by Daiki Ueno)

  • Fixed source URL in *.spec (Reported by Daiki Ueno)

  • Fixed patricia trie cursor returns wrong records.

  • Added missing database lock clear for grn_obj_clear_lock() for database.

  • Fixed wrong record’s column values deletion possible on record deletion.


  • OBATA Akio

  • Daiki Ueno

Release 1.2.3 - 2011-06-29#


  • Added invalid table name check. #912

  • Added groonga-query-log-analyzer that analyze query log.

  • groonga command shows failed command on error.

  • groonga command shows file name and line no on error.

  • Improved error message of column_create. #952

  • Added GRN_OBJ_TABLE_DAT_KEY, double array trie, table. (experimental)


  • fix get command crash. (Reported by OBATA Akio)

  • fix elapsed time overflow in query log. #944


  • OBATA Akio

Release 1.2.2 - 2011-05-29#


  • Added packages for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

  • Removed packages for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

  • RPM: Split server related packages to groonga-server package.

  • suggest: Added target object name into error messages.

  • document: Started English support. (not completed yet.)

  • groonga-suggest-httpd: Added –disable-max-fd-check option.

  • groonga: Renamed groonga -a and groonga --address options to groonga --bind-address option.

  • groonga-suggest-httpd: Renamed –address option to –bind-address.

  • Changed admin HTML install directory to $PREFIX/share/groonga/html/admin/ from $PREFIX/share/groonga/admin_html/.

  • groonga-suggest-httpd: Used “application/json” for JSON response instead of “text/javascript”.

  • Windows: Used DLL relative path instead of executable file relative path.

  • MeCab: Added error message from MeCab on MeCab initialize error.

  • suggest: Added prefix_search parameter to suggest command. #909

  • plugin: Added grn_plugin_get_system_plugins_dir() and grn_plugin_get_suffix() API.

  • Added grn_obj_is_builtin() API.

  • load: Added table name check. #934

  • Showed invalid name context in error message. #935


  • Fixed a data breaking bug on multi process update. #890

1.2.1リリース - 2011-04-29#


  • suggestコマンドにthresholdパラメーターを追加。#895

  • suggestのHTTPサーバにlimitパラメーターを追加。#899

  • grntest: SIGINTでの中断に対応。


  • 同時に複数のデータベースを開いているとき、1つでもデータベー スを閉じると関連するプラグインも閉じられてしまう問題を修正。 #894

  • configureの–helpで出力される–with-deafult-encodingの値が 間違っていた問題を修正。(ICHII Takashiさんが報告)

  • チュートリアル中のtypoを修正。(moozさんが修正)


  • ICHII Takashiさん

  • moozさん

1.2.0リリース - 2011-03-29#


  • MacPortsでのインストールドキュメントを追加。

  • Homebrewでのインストールドキュメントを追加。

  • WindowsではMinGWでもpthreadを使わないようにした。

  • オーバーフローチェックを強化。

  • 位置情報の入力値チェックを強化。

  • インデックスを用いたジオサーチの例をチュートリアルに追加。 #438

  • Debian GNU/Linux wheezyのパッケージを追加。

  • Debian GNU/Linux lennyのパッケージを削除。

  • Debianパッケージをcdbsベースからdebhelperベースへ移行。 パッケージ名の変更あり。 #887

  • MeCabトークナイザーの読み込みエラーを無視するようにした。た だし、ログには残る。 #893


  • autoconf 2.59環境において、ファイルシステムのルート直下に groongaディレクトリを作成しようとする問題を修正。 #833

  • JSONPが動作しなくなっていた問題を修正。

  • MeCabトークナイザーの読み込みに失敗したときにクラッシュする問題を修正。 (@tomotaka_itoさんが報告)

  • [非互換] 位置情報の小数表記からミリ秒への変換誤差が大きい問題を修正。

  • geo_in_rectangletop_leftbottom_right に同じ位置を指定するとクラッシュする問題を修正。

  • メモリリークを修正。

  • 小数形式のTimeリテラルをロードするとミリ秒情報が落ちる問題を修正。 #880

  • column_list のドキュメントを修正。 #758

  • table_list のドキュメントを修正。

  • load で_valueを指定するとメモリリークする問題を修正。 #878

  • load でクラッシュする問題を修正。 #661


  • grn_table_truncate()を追加。(実験的。問題あり)

  • truncateコマンドを追加。(実験的。問題あり) #888


  • @tomotaka_itoさん