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    1 \chapter{Gretl commands}
    2 \label{cmdref}
    4 \section{Introduction}
    5 \label{cmd-intro}
    7 The commands defined below may be executed interactively in the
    8 command-line client program or in the console window of the GUI
    9 program.  They may also be placed in a ``script'' or batch file for
   10 non-interactive execution.
   12 The following notational conventions are used below:
   14 \begin{itemize}
   16 \item A \texttt{typewriter font} is used for material that you would
   17   type directly, and also for internal names of variables.
   19 \item Terms in a \textsl{slanted font} are place-holders: you should
   20   substitute some specific replacement.  For example, you might type
   21   \texttt{income} in place of the generic \textsl{xvar}.
   23 \item The construction \texttt{[} \textsl{arg} \texttt{]} means that
   24   the argument \textsl{arg} is optional: you may supply it or not (but
   25   in any case don't type the brackets).
   27 \item The phrase ``estimation command'' means a command that generates
   28   estimates for a given model, for example \cmd{ols}, \cmd{ar} or
   29   \cmd{wls}.
   31 \end{itemize}
   33 In general, each line of a command script should contain one and only
   34 one complete \app{gretl} command.  There are, however, two means of
   35 continuing a long command from one line of input to another.  First,
   36 if the last non-space character on a line is a backslash, this is
   37 taken as an indication that the command is continued on the following
   38 line.  In addition, if the comma is a valid character in a given
   39 command (for instance, as a separator between function arguments, or
   40 as punctuation in the command \texttt{printf}) then a trailing comma
   41 also indicates continuation.  To emphasize the point: a backslash may
   42 be inserted ``arbitrarily'' to indicate continuation, but a comma
   43 works in this capacity only if it is syntactically valid as part of
   44 the command.
   46 \section{Commands}
   47 \label{cmd-cmd}
   49 %% auto-generated from XML base, gretl_commands.xml
   50 \input{refbody}
   52 \section{Commands by topic}
   53 \label{cmd-topics}
   55 The following sections show the available commands grouped by topic.
   57 %% auto-generated from gretl sources
   58 \input{cmdtopics}