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(Quick Reference)


Creates an html anchor tag with the href set based on the specified parameters.


Example controller for an application called "shop":

class BookController {
    def list() {
        [books: Book.list(params)]

    def show() {
        [book : Book.get(params.id)]

Example usages for above controller:

<g:link action="show" id="1">Book 1</g:link>

<g:link action="show" id="${currentBook.id}">${currentBook.name}</g:link>

<g:link controller="book">Book Home</g:link>

<g:link controller="book" action="list">Book List</g:link>

<g:link controller="book" action="list" plugin="publishingUtils">Book List</g:link>

<g:link url="[action:'list',controller:'book']">Book List</g:link>

<g:link action="list" params="[sort: 'title', order: 'asc',
                               author: currentBook.author]">
     Book List

<g:link controller="book" absolute="true">Book Home</g:link>

<g:link controller="book" namespace="publishing">Publishing Book Home</g:link>

<g:link controller="book" base="http://admin.mygreatsite.com">Book Home</g:link>

Example Usage for a RESTful Resource:

static mappings = {
    "/books"(resources: 'book')
<g:link resource="book">Book Home</g:link>
<g:link resource="book" id="${book.id}">Book Show</g:link>
<g:link resource="book" action="create">New Book</g:link>

Example as a method call in GSP only:

<%= link(action:'list',controller:'book') { 'Book List' }%>

Results in:

<a href="/shop/book/list">Book List</a>



  • action (optional) - the name of the action to use in the link; if not specified the default action will be linked

  • controller (optional) - the name of the controller to use in the link; if not specified the current controller will be linked

  • resource (optional) - the name of the resource url mapping to use in the link; if not specified controller should be used

  • namespace (optional) - the namespace of the controller to use in the link

  • plugin (optional) - the name of the plugin which provides the controller

  • elementId (optional) - this value will be used to populate the id attribute of the generated anchor tag

  • id (optional) - the id to use in the link href, (often the id param passed to the controller)

  • fragment (optional) - The link fragment (often called anchor tag) to use

  • mapping (optional) - The named URL mapping to use to rewrite the link

  • method (optional) - The HTTP method specified in the corresponding URL mapping

  • params (optional) - a Map of request parameters

  • uri (optional) - a relative URI

  • relativeUri (optional) - Used to specify a uri relative to the current path.

  • url (optional) - a Map containing the action, controller, id etc.

  • absolute (optional) - If true will prefix the link target address with the value of the grails.serverURL property from application.groovy, or http://localhost:<port>; if there is no setting in application.groovy and not running in production.

  • base (optional) - Sets the prefix to be added to the link target address, typically an absolute server URL. This overrides the behaviour of the absolute property, if both are specified.

  • event (optional) - The name of a Webflow event to trigger for the flow associated with the given action. Requires the Webflow plugin.