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(Quick Reference)



Renders an HTML <img> tag for an image resource.

This tag uses g:resource to generate the link to the resource, so it is implicitly aware of the Resources plugin.


Example usages for the "shop" app:

<g:img dir="images" file="logo.png" width="40" height="40"/>
Output: <img src="/shop/images/logo.png" width="40" height="40"/>

<g:img uri="/images/icons/add.png"/>
Output: <img src="/shop/images/logo.png"/>

Note that if the Resources plugin is installed this will defer to <r:img> which will include any HTML attributes defined in the image’s resource definition, if one exists.



  • base (optional) - Sets the prefix to be added to the link target address, typically an absolute server URL. This overrides the behaviour of the absolute property if both are specified.

  • contextPath (optional) - the context path to use (relative to the application context path). Defaults to "" or path to the plugin for a plugin view or template.

  • dir (optional) - the name of the directory containing the resource

  • file (optional) - the name of the resource file

  • absolute (optional) - If true will prefix the link target address with the value of the grails.serverURL property from application.groovy, or http://localhost:<port>; if there is no setting in application.groovy and not running in production.

  • plugin (optional) - The plugin to look for the resource in

  • uri (optional) - If using the Resources plugin, the uri of the image. A more terse alternative to using the dir/file attributes.