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(Quick Reference)



Specifies an input field where the user can enter data. An implicit "id" attribute is given the same value as the name unless you explicitly specify one.


<g:field type="number" name="isbn" min="5" max="10" required="" value="${bookInstance?.isbn}"/>

<g:field type="password" name="password" value="${userInstance?.password}"/>

<g:field type="url" name="url" value="${productInstance?.url}"/>



  • name (required) - The name of the field

  • type (required) - Specifies the type of element to display (button, checkbox, color, date, datetime, datetime-local, email, file, hidden, image, month, number, password, radio, range, reset, search, submit, tel, text, time, url, week)

  • accept (optional) - Specifies the types of files that the server accepts (only for type="file")

  • alt (optional) - Specifies an alternate text for images (only for type="image")

  • autocomplete (optional) - Specifies whether the field should have autocomplete enabled

  • autofocus (optional) - Specifies that the field should automatically get focus when the page loads

  • checked (optional) - Specifies that the field should be pre-selected when the page loads (for type="checkbox" or type="radio")

  • disabled (optional) - Specifies that the field element should be disabled

  • height (optional) - Specifies the height of the field (only for type="image")

  • list (optional) - Refers to a <datalist> element that contains pre-defined options for the field

  • max (optional) - Specifies the maximum value for the field

  • maxlength (optional) - Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in the field

  • min (optional) - Specifies a minimum value for the field

  • multiple (optional) - Specifies that a user can enter more than one value in the field

  • pattern (optional) - Specifies a regular expression that the field’s value is checked against

  • placeholder (optional) - Specifies a short hint that describes the expected value for the field

  • readonly (optional) - Specifies that the field is read-only

  • required (optional) - Specifies that the field must be filled out before submitting the form

  • size (optional) - Specifies the width, in characters, of the field

  • src (optional) - Specifies the URL of the image to use as a submit button (only for type="image")

  • step (optional) - Specifies the legal number intervals for the field

  • value (optional) - Specifies the value of the field

  • width (optional) - Specifies the width of the field (only for type="image")