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(Quick Reference)



Applies the specified layout to either the body, a given template, or an arbitrary URL, allowing the development of "portlet"-style applications and mashups


<g:applyLayout name="myLayout" template="displaybook" params="[books: books]" />


<g:applyLayout name="myLayout" url="http://www.google.com" />


<g:applyLayout name="myLayout">
The content to apply a layout to



  • name - The name of the layout

  • template - (optional) The template to apply the layout to

  • url - (optional) The URL to retrieve the content from and apply a layout to

  • contentType (optional) - The content type to use, default is "text/html"

  • encoding (optional) - The encoding to use

  • params (optional) - The params to pass onto the page object (retrievable with the pageProperty tag)

  • model (optional) - The model (as java.util.Map) to pass to the view and layout templates