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(Quick Reference)



Allows programmatic transactions using Spring’s Transaction abstraction.


Account.withTransaction { status ->

    def source = Account.get(params.from)
    def dest = Account.get(params.to)

    int amount = params.amount.toInteger()
    if (source.active) {
        source.balance -= amount

        if (dest.active) {
            dest.amount += amount
        else {

Named arguments may optionally be passed as an argument to control attributes of the transaction.

// the keys in the Map must correspond to properties
// of org.springframework.transaction.support.DefaultTransactionDefinition

Account.withTransaction([propagationBehavior: TransactionDefinition.PROPAGATION_REQUIRES_NEW,
                         isolationLevel: TransactionDefinition.ISOLATION_REPEATABLE_READ]) {
    // ...


The withTransaction method accepts a Closure with a TransactionStatus argument. The TransactionStatus object can be used to programmatically control rollback of the transaction.

Refer to the user guide section of Programmatic Transactions for more information.