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(Quick Reference)



Updates the database with DML-style operations


Account.executeUpdate("delete Book b where b.pages > 100")

Account.executeUpdate("delete Book b where b.title like ?",
                      ['Groovy In Action'])

Account.executeUpdate("delete Book b where b.author=?",

Account.executeUpdate("update Book b set b.title='Groovy In Action'" +
                      "where b.title='GINA'")

Account.executeUpdate("update Book b set b.title=:newTitle " +
                      "where b.title=:oldTitle",
                      [newTitle: 'Groovy In Action', oldTitle: 'GINA'])


GORM does not provide a deleteAll method as deleting data must be done with caution. To delete data you can use executeUpdate. The basic syntax is:

Book.executeUpdate(String query)
Book.executeUpdate(String query, List positionalParams)
Book.executeUpdate(String query, Map namedParams)


  • query - An HQL query with DML-style operations

  • positionalParams - A List of parameters for a positional parameterized HQL query

  • namedParams - A Map of parameters for a named parameterized HQL query