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(Quick Reference)



Uses Hibernate’s SchemaExport tool to generate DDL or export the schema. NOTE: As of Grails 3, the Hibernate plugin is not by default on the build classpath. You need to add it to the build classpath to get the command working.


//Add Hibernate to the build classpath
buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath "org.grails.plugins:hibernate:"
grails schema-export
grails schema-export --datasource=lookup
grails prod schema-export
grails dev schema-export
grails prod schema-export export
grails prod schema-export export --datasource=auditing
grails prod schema-export stdout



grails <<environment>> schema-export <<action>> ['stdout'] <<filename>> [--datasource]


  • environment - The environment containing the database configuration to use (dev, prod, etc…​).

  • action - Either 'generate' or 'export'. The default is 'generate'. Specifying 'export' will execute the script against the specified environment’s database instead of just generating the ddl file.

  • stdout - Passing 'stdout' will cause the script to dump the ddl to stdout.

  • filename - The name of the file to write the ddl to. The default is ddl.sql in the project’s 'target' directory.

  • datasource - The DataSource name suffix; defaults to the default DataSource if not specified