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(Quick Reference)

Execute Groovy script(s) in the context of a Grails environment.

Groovy scripts intended to be executed this way cannot be located in src/main/scripts because that directory is reserved for CLI scripts created by create-script.
// run a single script in the dev environment
grails run-script scripts/helloWorld.groovy

// run multiple scripts in the prod environment
grails prod run-script scripts/hello.groovy scripts/world.groovy

// run with Gradle
./gradlew runScript -Pargs="scripts/helloWorld.groovy" -Dgrails.env=prod

The paths are resolved relative to the base project path



grails <<env>>* run-script <<scripts>>


  • scripts - Which scripts to run


The ctx variable is injected into all scripts and is an instance of the ApplicationContext

Scripts are executed in the context of a persistent session. The default package is imported by default (grails.codegen.defaultPackage)