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(Quick Reference)



Runs a Grails application in an embedded servlet container

This target is not intended to be used for application deployment. There are many optimizations implemented when generating a WAR file for deployment that are not available to run-app since run-app is optimized for developer productivity, not performance.


grails run-app
grails run-app -https // with HTTPS
grails test run-app



grails <<env>>* run-app


  • debug-jvm - Run the application using a debug JVM (port 5005) in order to attach a remote debugger.

  • port - The port to use

  • host - The host to bind to

  • https - Start an HTTPS server (on port 8443 by default) alongside the main server. Just to be clear, the application will be accessible via HTTPS and HTTP. A self-signed key will be generated. Intended for development use only.

Supported system properties:

  • grails.server.port.http/server.port - Specifies the HTTP port to run the server on (defaults to 8080)

  • grails.server.port.https - Specifies the HTTPS port to run the server on (defaults to 8443)

  • grails.server.host/server.host - Specifies the host name to run the server on (defaults to localhost)

This command starts Grails in an embedded servlet container that can serve HTTP requests. The default container is Tomcat but alternative containers are supported by altering the Spring boot starter in build.gradle.

// use Jetty
runtime "org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-jetty"

For more information see the Spring Boot documentation on Embedded Containers.