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(Quick Reference)



The create-command command creates a new Grails Gradle task and shell command that can be run with the grails command from a terminal window.


The command:

grails create-command MyExample

Creates a class called grails-app/commands/PACKAGE_PATH/MyExampleCommand.groovy such as:

import grails.dev.commands.*

class MyExampleCommand implements ApplicationCommand {

  boolean handle(ExecutionContext ctx) {
      def dataSource = applicationContext.getBean(DataSource)
      return true

Commands can be executed with the runCommand command.

grails run-command my-example

Or as a Gradle task:

gradle runCommand -Pargs="myExample"

If the command you are executing is defined in a plugin that you have declared a dependency on, then you can execute the command in short form like so:

grails my-example

Or as a Gradle task:

gradle myExample

The plugin is required be on both the build classpath and the runtime classpath in build.gradle in order for the short form to work:

buildscript {
  dependencies {
    classpath "org.grails.plugins:myplugin:0.1-SNAPSHOT"
  dependencies {
    runtime "org.grails.plugins:myplugin:0.1-SNAPSHOT"


In order to separate the code generation and build layer, in Grails 3.x scripts created with create-script do not have access to the running application instance.

Instead, Grails 3.x features a new concept called an ApplicationCommand that is invoked via Gradle to perform tasks such as interact with classes in the runtime.