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(Quick Reference)

Command Line Usage

Grails incorporates the powerful build system Gradle.

The basic usage scenario is:

grails <<environment>>* <<command name>>

Grails searches in the following directories for Gant scripts to execute:

  • USER_HOME/.grails/scripts

  • PROJECT_HOME/src/main/scripts/

  • PROJECT_HOME/plugins/*/scripts

  • GRAILS_HOME/scripts

If multiple matches are found Grails will give you a choice of which one to execute.

You can specify the environment that the command executes in with an optional environment parameter, either with one of the built-in environment names:

grails dev run-app
grails test run-app
grails prod run-app

Or using a -D argument if the name is not one of the three standard names:

grails -Dgrails.env=uat run-app

Refer to the user guide section on The Command Line for more information.