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Example Applications

Here you will find example applications written in Java, JavaScript, R, Ruby, and other JVM languages to illustrate the diverse capabilities of GraalVM.

The GraalVM compiler, enabled by default in GraalVM, assures performance advantages for highly abstracted programs due to its versatile optimization techniques. Code using more abstraction and modern Java features like Streams or Lambdas will see even greater speedups. Java Performance Examples and Java stream API Benchmark demonstrate this.

The Polyglot JavaScript, Java, R Example Application displays GraalVM's abilities as a polyglot runtime, processing programs written in two or more languages.

The Native Image Examples illustrate GraalVM's unique capabilities to create self-contained executable images that run remarkably fast. Here you can also find an even more sophisticated example of polyglot native executables.

The Java/Kotlin Native Image Example demonstrates how to compile a Java and Kotlin application ahead-of-time, and illustrates the performance gain.

The Oracle Database Example contains instructions on how to run the Oracle Database Multilingual Engine (MLE) which is the integration of GraalVM in the Oracle Database 21c.