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Member "gplot-1.11/test.gnuplot" (3 Jul 2013, 870 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/old/gplot-1.11.tar.gz:

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    1 #   GPLOT.PL pseudo commands for GNUPLOT
    2 IF TYPE eq ps   set terminal postscript landscape color
    3 IF TYPE eq png  set terminal png
    4 IF TYPE eq pbm  set terminal pbm small color
    5 IF TYPE ne xwin set output "%OUTFILE%"
    6 set terminal png
    7 set xlabel "%XLABEL%" font "%FONT%,%FONTSIZE%"
    8 set ylabel "%YLABEL%" font "%FONT%,%FONTSIZE%"
    9 set autoscale
   10 set style data lines
   11 set border 3
   12 set xtics border nomirror
   13 set ytics border nomirror
   14 set origin 0.0,0.0
   15 set title "%TITLE%" font "%TFONT%,%TFONTSIZE%"
   16 #   Get rid of the legend
   17 set nokey
   18 #   Add a couple of comments to the plot
   19 set label "Peak" at 145,1.95
   20 set label "RH Point" at 170,0.95
   21 #   Put in tags vertically at 1.8, downwards
   22 set label "June 1990"  at 60,1.8 right rotate font "Helvetica,8"
   23 set label "May 1990"   at 50,1.8 right rotate font "Helvetica,8"
   24 set label "April 1990" at 40,1.8 right rotate font "Helvetica,8"