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    1 Mohammad Akhlaghi (mohammad@@akhlaghi.org, 1263)@*
    2 Mos@`e Giordano (mose@@gnu.org, 29)@*
    3 Vladimir Markelov (vmatroskin@@gmail.com, 18)@*
    4 Boud Roukema (boud@@cosmo.torun.pl, 7)@*
    5 Andreas Stieger (astieger@@suse.com, 1)@*
    6 Leindert Boogaard (leindertboogaard@@gmail.com, 1)@*
    7 Lucas MacQuarrie (macquarrielucas@@gmail.com, 1)@*
    8 Thér@`ese Godefroy (godef.th@@free.fr, 1)@*