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    1 Documentation of GNU Astronomy Utilities
    2 ========================================
    4 This directory contains the documentation (manual) of GNU Astronomy
    5 Utilities (Gnuastro) and also all the files necessary for the Gnuastro
    6 webpage. Note that only the basic files needed to make the webpage are
    7 version controlled. The generated files are not.
    9 Documentation (manual):
   10 -----------------------
   12 The documentation of Gnuastro is written in Texinfo. The main source
   13 file is `gnuastro.texi'.
   15 Webpage (only for maintainer)
   16 -----------------------------
   18 The top Gnuastro webpage files are also held here, after all, a webpage is
   19 another form of documentation. To update the webpage, run the following
   20 script:
   22       $ ./forwebpage
   24 This script will generate the webpage using Gnulib's gendocs.sh script
   25 (which was part of the bootstrapping process), then it will copy them all
   26 in a specified directory anywhere you like (specified by the TOPWEBCHECKOUT
   27 shell variable). You don't have to version control any of the files in that
   28 directory, but it is easiest to have a fixed place since CVS needs a local
   29 copy. Unfortunately the GNU webpage runs on CVS! Read the top comments of
   30 the `forwebpage' script for instructions on what to do for the first time
   31 and later times.
   33 Update MathJax (for the webpage, only for maintainer)
   34 -----------------------------------------------------
   36 There is a script in the `MathJax' directory on the Gnuastro webpage
   37 directory to update MathJax (`addmissing.sh'). You can get a recent
   38 version of MathJax from its webpage and put it in the correct place
   39 (see the comments in the script). That script will then add all the
   40 new files from MathJax to the checked out files and then you can use
   41 `cvs -nq update' and `cvs add' to add all the new files and
   42 directories. Just note that CVS is an antique(!) and so you have to
   43 add all the files in separate directories separately, first add the
   44 directory, then CVS will find the untracked files inside it and add
   45 them one by one!