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Member "gnuastro-0.9/bootstrapped/tests/test-setlocale2.sh" (17 Apr 2019, 757 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/gnuastro-0.9.tar.lz:

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    1 #!/bin/sh
    3 # Test locale names with likely unsupported encoding in Unix syntax.
    4 for name in ar_SA.ISO-8859-1 fr_FR.CP1251 zh_TW.GB18030 zh_CN.BIG5; do
    5   env LC_ALL=$name ${CHECKER} ./test-setlocale2${EXEEXT} 1 || exit 1
    6 done
    8 # Test locale names with likely unsupported encoding in native Windows syntax.
    9 for name in "Arabic_Saudi Arabia.1252" "Arabic_Saudi Arabia.65001" \
   10             French_France.65001 Japanese_Japan.65001 Turkish_Turkey.65001 \
   11             Chinese_Taiwan.65001 Chinese_China.54936 Chinese_China.65001; do
   12   # Here we use 'env' to set the LC_ALL environment variable, because on
   13   # Solaris 11.0, the /bin/sh refuses to do it for Turkish_Turkey.65001.
   14   env LC_ALL="$name" ${CHECKER} ./test-setlocale2${EXEEXT} 1 || exit 1
   15 done
   17 exit 0