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    1 # Configuration file for autom4te
    2 # ===============================
    4 # autom4te is used to create the familiar `./configure' script from
    5 # configure.ac (hand written by Gnuastro developers). autom4te is
    6 # called during the bootstrapping process (see README-hacking, or the
    7 # "Bootstrapping" section in the manual).
    8 #
    9 # To speed up the process, a directory (`autom4te.cache') is created
   10 # which keeps cache information which can speed up its next call. But
   11 # this directory is built in the top Gnuastro directory which just
   12 # redundantly fills it up with a non-edited directory. So through this
   13 # configuration file, we are asking autom4te to make its cache
   14 # directory within the bootstrapped directory to keep things on the
   15 # top directory clean.
   17 # We are using the Autoconf manual's "Customizing autom4te" and
   18 # "Invoking autom4te" sections as a reference for this file.
   20 begin-language: "Autoconf-without-aclocal-m4"
   21 args: --cache=./bootstrapped/autom4te.cache
   22 end-language: "Autoconf-without-aclocal-m4"