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    1 This is an example application which uses libgfapi. It is
    2 a complete autotools based build system which demonstrates the
    3 required changes in configure.ac, Makefile.am etc to successfuly
    4 detect for and build an application against libgfapi.
    6 There are two approaches to building a libgfapi based application:
    8 1. In the presence of pkg-config in your build system.
    9 This is the recommended approach which is also used in this example.
   10 For this approach to work, you need to build glusterfs by passing
   11 --pkgconfigdir=/usr/lib64/pkgconfig (or the appropriate directory)
   12 in your distro. This already happens if you build RPMs with the
   13 glusterfs.spec provided in glusterfs.git. You will also need to
   14 install glusterfs-api RPM.
   16 2. In the absence of pkg-config in your build system.
   17 Make sure your LDFLAGS includes -L/path/to/lib where libgfapi.so is
   18 installed and -I/path/to/include/glusterfs where the 'api' directory
   19 containing the headers are available.
   21 glfsxmp.c
   22 =========
   24 glfsxmp.c is an example application which uses libgfapi
   26 Compilation Steps For glfsxmp.c
   27 ===============================
   29 1. $./autogen.sh
   30 2. $./configure
   32 Note: Before running ./configure , as mentioned above, you need to
   33       take care of #1 or #2 i.e. pkg-config path or LDFLAGS and
   34       -I/<path> with correct values.
   36 3. $make glfsxmp