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About GLPI

GLPI stands for Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique is a Free Asset and IT Management Software package, that provides ITIL Service Desk features, licenses tracking and software auditing.

GLPI features: * Inventory of computers, peripherals, network printers and any associated components through an interface, with inventory tools such as: FusionInventory or OCS Inventory * Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) * Item lifecycle management * Licenses management (ITIL compliant) * Management of warranty and financial information (purchase order, warranty and extension, damping) * Management of contracts, contacts, documents related to inventory items * Incidents, requests, problems and changes management * Knowledge base and Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) * Asset reservation

Moreover, GLPI supports many plugins that provide additional features.


Check GLPI features by asking a free personnal demonstration on glpi-network.cloud



It is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 - please consult the file called COPYING for more details.

Some screenshots

Tickets Timeline

Tickets Timeline

DCIM drag&drop

DCIM drag&drop




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See : * releases for tarball packages. * Remi’s RPM repository for RPM packages (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS)


Here is a pdf version. We are working on a markdown version

Additional resources

Used JS libraries


GLPI is a living software. Improvements are continuously made, new functionalities are being developed, and issues are being fixed.

To ease support and development, we need your help when encountering issues. There is a GLPI version typical lifecycle: * A new major version (9.3) is released. * Minor versions (9.3.x), fixing bugs or issues, are published after several weeks. Please consider updating to the latest realeased minor version if you encounter some bugs or performance issues. * Several months after major version realesed, a new major version (9.4) is released Previous major versions become unsupported, please update to the new major version. Obviously, we provide support for the migration tools too!